Startup Showcase: Beauty Matching Engine – Revolutionizing the Personalized Beauty Shopping Experience

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Beauty Matching Engine (BME) is a London-based AI startup that has taken the beauty industry by storm with its revolutionary beauty-dedicated personalization platform. BME leverages machine learning and beauty metadata layers to predict and enhance the customer journey, elevating the shopping experience for beauty brands and retailers.

Personalized Product Recommendations and More

Beauty Matching Engine uses big data insights to offer customers bespoke product recommendations, complementary items, and landing pages for every beauty category. The platform applies dynamic algorithms to customer datasets, analyzing and predicting which products are most likely to be bought by customers. This helps brands to optimize conversion rates with hyper-granular beauty-specific analytics and A/B testing.

Enhance the User Experience with Ease

BME is an easy plug-in solution for brands and retailers, enhancing the user experience, and increasing loyalty and sales both in-store and online. It offers personalized experiences to customers via apps and emails, providing a seamless journey from discovery to purchase.

Award-Winning AI Personalization Platform

Beauty Matching Engine has already made 18 million recommendations, and was awarded the Best Customer Experience using AI Award by Data Science Awards 2019. The company’s innovative approach has made it a market leader in the beauty-dedicated AI personalization space, with several brands already trusting BME to enhance their customer experience.

Beauty Matching Engine’s Platform is the Future of Beauty Retail

In the fast-paced beauty industry, a personalized shopping experience is becoming essential for customer retention and conversion rates. Beauty Matching Engine offers an unparalleled beauty-specific personalization platform that uses machine learning to help brands meet customer needs at all touchpoints, from the first discovery to post-purchase.

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As the beauty industry continues to grow and become more competitive, those investing in technology and innovation are likely to come out on top. Beauty Matching Engine is set to become an essential tool for all beauty brands and retailers looking to stay ahead of the curve and enhance their customer experiences.


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