Startup Showcase: Bigbox Videoshopping – Revolutionizing the Future of Shopping

Discover the Future of Shopping with Bigbox Videoshopping.

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In recent times, the way we shop has seen a revolutionary change. From window shopping to online shopping, the eCommerce industry has come a long way in ensuring an incredible online shopping experience. However, a new player in the market is about to change the game entirely! Enter Bigbox Videoshopping- a hyperlocal video shopping marketplace enabling retailers to sell easily through video calls!

Bigbox Videoshopping is a fast-growing platform that is based on the idea of a live shopping experience. It provides users with the freedom to shop virtually from any store in the world through a video call. Users can experience the product live and without compromising the shopping experience. All you need is a good internet connection, and you can shop away!

The concept of Bigbox Videoshopping is to create an immersive, interactive, and convenient shopping experience that is transparent, reliable, and secure. With Bigbox Videoshopping, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product, as you can experience it live before you buy it.

Here are some of the features of Bigbox Videoshopping that make it an incredible platform:

  • Hyperlocal Video Shopping – Bigbox Videoshopping offers hyperlocal video shopping, where users can browse stores based on location and video call and shop live over the call. The platform ensures that the shopping experience remains as seamless and stress-free as possible!
  • Video Commerce SAAS Platform – Bigbox Videoshopping offers a video commerce SAAS platform that provides video stores to sellers to sell online. This means that sellers can create their own video store and sell their products easily.
  • Catalog, Commerce, Payments & Logistics – Bigbox Videoshopping takes care of the catalog, commerce, payments, and logistics, ensuring that the entire process is simplified for the user. This also means that users can explore and shop from a variety of stores and products, without worrying about the complexities of the backend operations.
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What sets Bigbox Videoshopping apart from other eCommerce platforms is its ability to create a live shopping experience that is both enjoyable and interactive. The platform is designed to immerse users in a shopping experience that transcends beyond the boundaries of traditional eCommerce platforms.





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