Startup Showcase: Bitbaby Industries- Improving Fetal Health for Happy, Healthy Mums and Babies

Revolutionizing Fetal Monitoring with One Simple Device.

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As the world is advancing, so is the technology to assist human lives. Bitbaby is a prime example of technology being used to resolve the problems people face. Bitbaby, a Liverpool-based startup, is dedicated to improving fetal health by creating a device that assists and monitors babies’ movements in the womb. This Startup Showcase will delve into the innovative work of Bitbaby, how it can make a difference in pregnant women’s lives, and the inspiration behind it.

The Inspiration

Founder Rachael, who has 20 years of experience as a midwife, noticed the challenges that mothers face in recognizing fetal movements during pregnancy. She observed the impact of the issue firsthand and decided to use her expertise to create a solution. The idea for Bitbaby was born to address this lack of innovation in fetal monitoring, which can potentially save many babies each year from stillbirths.

The Device

Bitbaby is a wearable device that helps pregnant women track the movements of their baby during pregnancy. It is designed for use from 24 weeks of pregnancy until birth. The device is simple to wear, easy to use, and sends information to a mobile app for monitoring. It records the baby’s movements allowing mothers to spot a change in regular patterns of movement. 

The Application

The Bitbaby app is user-friendly, and mothers can soon learn how to use it to ensure their baby’s movements are healthy. The app records the movements in real-time, so mothers can track the baby’s kicks and patterns. If there is a change in fetal movement, it will be recorded in the app which parents will be able to recognise. Expectant parents can then be more empowered to seek medical support.  The app also offers educational resources and advice on how to keep the baby healthy throughout pregnancy.

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The Impact

Bitbaby has the potential to make a considerable impact in improving fetal health and reducing stillbirths. By providing pregnant women with this tool, mothers are more empowered to seek advice from their midwife. This can lead to preventative measures being taken and ensure the safety and wellbeing of both baby and mother.


Bitbaby is a remarkable startup that shows how technology can be used for bringing a positive impact to people’s lives. By addressing a critical gap in fetal monitoring, it has the power to transform the prenatal experience for mothers and fathers. The company’s efforts to reduce the number of stillbirths in the UK deserve recognition and support.


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