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Welcome to our Startup Showcase, featuring Brandkey – the all-in-one domain data source that provides website logos, brand imagery, colours, categorization, and much more from just a URL. If you’re looking to streamline your client onboarding process, get up-to-date colour schemas, and save time on product demos, this startup is for you.

Zero Attribution Data Source is a game-changer for companies looking to save time and money on their branding and marketing efforts. Their data source provides everything you need to build your brand profile from a URL without any attribution issues. Turn your software into a customised reflection of your customers’ brand identities without the need for extensive research or resources.

Quick and Easy Setup has simplified the process of creating a brand profile by fetching a company’s logo, brand imagery, meta-data, colour schema, and other details quickly from their URL. It’s as simple as querying the URL you need data for. This kind of simplicity can help reduce workload, save valuable time, and ultimately lead to a better customer experience.

Reduce Product Churn

Every business wants to improve their customer experience and reduce product churn, and that’s where comes in. By making your interface reflect your customers’ unique brand identity, you improve your UX, make your customers feel at home in your product, and help decrease the likelihood of churn.

Cost-Effective Solution provides its users with full-page screenshots, including removing pop-ups and any cookies that may get in the way, without any extra fuss. This feature is not only cost-effective, but it helps make product demo’s standout with better graphics and shareable content that can help increase brand awareness.

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Optimise Your Client Onboarding is built to help optimise your client onboarding process by providing information regarding the technology that the URL is built with. If your customer is using WordPress or React, you’ll know it right away, with the API picking it up for you. This feature helps you remove the guesswork, improving how you approach your clients, and ultimately increase your chances of success.

Conclusion is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that provides your business with essential data via just a URL request. If you’re looking for streamlined client onboarding, reducing product churn, and more personalised interfaces, then is the startup for you.


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