Startup Showcase: BrightCure – Fighting Resistant UTI Bacteria with Intimate Care Products

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Are you tired of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and ineffective treatments with nasty side effects? Enter BrightCure, a London-based femcare startup that is revolutionizing the treatment of UTIs with bioactive intimate care products. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how BrightCure is using the natural microbiome to fight UTI bacteria and promote a healthy vaginal flora.

Introducing BrightCure

BrightCure is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of women suffering from UTIs. Founded in 2019, BrightCure has developed a bioactive intimate cream that uses natural compounds to reduce harmful bacteria and replenish good bacteria in the vaginal flora. By boosting the natural immune system, BrightCure aims to promote a healthy urinary tract and prevent the recurrence of UTIs.

The UTI Problem

UTIs are one of the most common infections in the world, affecting 50% of women and 12% of men worldwide. Current treatments are often ineffective and can cause serious side effects such as antibiotic resistance. UTI bacteria are becoming increasingly difficult to treat, and the size of the UTI market is expected to reach $ 12.41B by 2025. This is where BrightCure comes in with its innovative approach to tackling the UTI problem.

How BrightCure Works

BrightCure utilizes the natural microbiome to fight resistant UTI bacteria and promote a healthy vaginal flora. The bioactive compounds in BrightCure’s intimate cream work by:

  • Reducing harmful bacteria: The natural compounds in BrightCure’s intimate cream have been shown to reduce the growth of bacteria that cause UTIs, including antibiotic-resistant strains.
  • Replenishing good bacteria: The bioactive compounds also stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the vaginal flora, which helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract.
  • Boosting the immune system: BrightCure’s intimate cream helps to strengthen the natural immune system, which helps to prevent recurrences of UTIs.
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BrightCure’s Achievements

BrightCure has been making waves since its inception, with a string of awards and recognition for its innovative approach to femcare. Here are some of the company’s notable achievements:

  • Seed investment from SOSV and selection as 1 out of 9 companies to be part of the world’s largest biotech accelerator, Indiebio.
  • Selection as one of the Top 7 companies of the McKinsey Venture Challenge.
  • Top 5 of the Mayor of London Competition.
  • Winner of Imperial College’s White City Innovation Program.
  • Finalist in The Pitch London competition, beating out 850 other applicants.


BrightCure is committed to developing safe, effective, and natural solutions for the treatment of UTIs. With its innovative approach to femcare and a mission to improve the lives of millions of women worldwide, it’s no wonder that BrightCure is making waves in the industry.


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