Startup Showcase: C4Urselves – The Ethical Community That Connects People Through Genuine Experiences

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Are you tired of the manufactured and staged videos that flood the internet? Are you yearning for a genuine, heartfelt connection with the world? Look no further than C4Urselves, the online community that exclusively focuses on user-generated videos of real-life experiences.

C4Urselves was born out of a desire to create an authentic experience of the world as it really is, without the glamorized lens that social media platforms often use. Located in Hertford, Hertfordshire, C4Urselves is an ethical community dedicated to connecting people through genuine experiences.

This startup showcases user-generated videos that capture what it’s like to walk, cycle, or sail through a real place. The content takes viewers through the streets of hometowns, paths through the woods, and places they’ve never heard of. The beauty of C4Urselves lies in its ability to share the experiences of different people with each other, forming a community that celebrates diversity and the many unique wonders of our world.

How It Works

Creating a video for C4Urselves is easy, and can be done with the latest gadget or a simple smartphone. The content is not staged or heavily edited – rather, it portrays the real experiences of people as they go about their day. Users are encouraged to share what’s ordinary to them, but may be extraordinary to others.


The community, as a whole, benefits from the shared experiences of users. Those who cannot travel are able to experience new places without leaving their homes. The videos are available online, creating a shared space for people to connect and enjoy the beauty of our world.

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C4Urselves has created a new kind of social media, one that is grounded in genuine interactions and connections. It’s a community that values the lived experiences of individuals, rather than the polished images that social media platforms often prioritize.


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