Startup Showcase: Capability and Innovation Fund – Empowering SME Growth

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As many small businesses struggle to access funds and get their financial needs met, Capability and Innovation Fund, a London-based company, aims to provide financial empowerment to eligible organizations to enhance the products and services available to SMEs. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore how Capability and Innovation Fund is helping to uplift small business finance.

Empowering Capabilities

The Capability and Innovation Fund encourages eligible organizations to improve their capabilities to compete with RBS in providing banking services to SMEs. This initiative intends to create a level-playing field for small businesses and allow eligible beneficiaries to enhance their offerings. The fund is managed by BCR, and the company has allocated a total of £425 million, divided into four pools.

Developing Advanced Business Products

Pool A enables the development of advanced business current account offerings and ancillary products for SMEs, while giving preference to beneficiaries with an established business current account offering. This pool aims to help companies who have already developed a foundation in the market and want to take their offerings to the next level. With the help of this initiative, eligible organizations can access the resources they need to develop and enhance their products, thereby providing better financial services to small businesses.

Modernizing Existing Offerings

Pool B enables the modernization of existing business current account offerings or the development of new ancillary product propositions. This pool is perfect for organizations that are looking to update and improve their current product offerings. By doing this, these organizations can better serve their customers and obtain a competitive edge in the industry.

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Expanding Business Offerings

Pool C focuses on enabling the expansion of business offerings to include lending or international payments services. Through this pool, eligible organizations can provide a range of financial services that better cater to the needs of small business entrepreneurs. This eliminates any obstacles that small businesses might have faced trying to access loans and payment services, paving the way for their growth and success.

Commercializing Fintech

Finally, Pool D enables the commercialization of fintech that is relevant to SMEs. In today’s digital age, small businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology to manage and grow their companies. This pool ensures that innovative fintech solutions are available to eligible organizations, allowing them to enhance their offerings further.


Capability and Innovation Fund is committed to empowering eligible organizations to enhance their financial product and service offerings to small businesses. Through the four pools it has established, Capability and Innovation Fund aims to uplift the financial capabilities of these organizations so that they can better serve small businesses in need. At a time when SMEs require more support than ever, the Initiative takes a crucial step in addressing their financial needs.


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