Startup Showcase: CINERATE – A Revolutionary Video Platform for Real-time Engagement

The Future of Video Consumerism Lies in the Hands of London-Based Startup Cinerate.

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Are you tired of being a passive viewer in the world of video content? With CINERATE, a groundbreaking video platform, you have the power to engage with videos on all your devices, frame by frame, in real-time. As the first integrated video platform, data provider, blockchain wallet, and goods and services marketplace, Cinerate is quickly disrupting the traditional approach to video content consumption.

Real Time Audience Ratings: Turning Attention into Value

Why should your attention as a viewer go unrewarded? CINERATE values every second that audiences engage with videos. With their real-time audience ratings feature, you can rate videos frame by frame, and your rating data is then shared with video creators who posted these videos. This feedback system provides real-time feedback for video creators and improves the quality of the content they produce.

Rewards Coins: Earn Money while Watching Videos

CINERATE believes in rewarding its users for engaging with video content through their integrated crypto wallet system. With each engagement, users earn rewards coins that can be stored in their apps as a cryptocurrency wallet. These coins can be redeemed, shared or spent on Cinerate’s internal marketplace. This encourages more engagement and builds loyalty towards video creators that post quality content.

Blockchain Technology: Providing Transparency and Quality

Cinerate’s integration with blockchain technology ensures complete transparency in everything. Users know what they are engaging with, exactly how their data is being used, and how the coins they’ve earned can be spent within the platform. This open approach to using blockchain technology ensures that everyone has access to high-quality, trustworthy video content.

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The Future of Video Consumerism

Cinerate is already turning on some industry influencers, advertisers and publishers towards quality and transparency in video content. By using biometrics, artificial intelligence, and real machine learning skills, Cinerate is working at building the future of video consumerism by putting quality content first. They are looking to integrate this technology into popular platforms to create a better, more engaging experience for the audience.


Cinerate is breaking down barriers by creating an all-in-one video platform that rewards users for their engagement, encourages content creators to improve the quality of their videos and providing a seamless, transparent experience for everyone. CINERATE is definitely a startup to watch if you are an avid consumer of video content. Sited in London, their technology is set to revolutionize the industry, and you could be part of it.



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