Startup Showcase: Claro Wellbeing – Revolutionizing Employee Benefits with Personalized Financial Coaching

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As the world attempts to stabilize after a tumultuous year, businesses recognize the importance of employee wellbeing in attracting and retaining top talent. Employee benefits are evolving to include more than just healthcare and insurance; businesses now aim to support their employees’ holistic wellbeing, including financial wellness. Claro Wellbeing, a London-based startup, aims to do just that by providing digital financial coaching and education to employees.

What is Claro Wellbeing?

Claro Wellbeing is an employee benefits provider that offers personalized financial coaching, education, and tools to teams. Its packages are created and delivered by in-house expert financial coaches, who have assisted hundreds of people in determining where they are on their financial journey and taking actionable steps to move forward.

How does Claro Wellbeing benefit employees?

Claro Wellbeing helps individuals make smarter financial decisions by providing personalized advice through one-on-one coaching, interactive company webinars, and easily accessible educational resources. Its mission is to improve employees’ confidence and support in their roles, increase engagement and performance, and improve workplace benefits to attract and retain employees.

How does Claro Wellbeing benefit employers?

Offering Claro Wellbeing’s financial coaching and education to employees can result in higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee retention. The company also provides employers with analytics and actionable insights into their employees’ financial wellbeing, enabling them to tailor future benefits packages to support their teams fully.


Claro Wellbeing has a mission to become the go-to employee benefits provider for businesses looking to improve their employees’ financial wellbeing. Its services are accessible and affordable, making financial coaching and education available to everyone. As the world recovers from a challenging year, Claro Wellbeing is one startup that is making a positive impact in the workplace.

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