Startup Showcase: Coastr – Transforming the Shared Mobility Market

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Are you tired of the hassle of owning a car? Do you want to do your bit for the environment? Then Coastr might just be the solution for you! This Edinburgh-based startup is on a mission to revolutionize the $400bn global shared mobility market by using the latest technologies to unify and optimize the fragmented offerings of car rentals, car-sharing, and subscription services.

Making the Shared Vehicle More Accessible

The rise of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft has made it easier than ever to get around without owning a car. However, these services still rely on private vehicles, which can be expensive and often underused. Coastr aims to make shared vehicles more accessible by connecting renters, leasers, car sharers, and subscribers all in one place. By doing so, they hope to reduce overall carbon emissions and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Removing Siloes from Fragmented Platforms

Coastr’s shared mobility platform is unique in that it utilizes a fully integrated vertical technology stack. By removing siloes from multiple fragmented and legacy platforms, mobility operators can now offer faster and more streamlined access to shared vehicles. The platform also optimizes customer experiences by using IoT and other connected mobility solutions to digitize end-to-end mobility and fleet operations.

Connected Cars and AI for an Improved User Experience

Coastr is not afraid to embrace the latest technologies to redefine the user experience. They heavily leverage connected cars technologies and AI in their mobility and fleet operations to drive automation and improve efficiency. By doing so, they hope to reduce costs and make shared mobility more affordable and accessible to all.

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An Ecosystem of Integrated Services

Coastr is also building an ecosystem of innovative partner solutions to offer a comprehensive range of integrated services to mobility operators. By doing so, they are providing an end-to-end solution for shared mobility that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


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