Startup Showcase: Coats Digital – Technology-Based Solutions for the Fashion Industry

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Coats Digital is a technology-based solutions provider aimed at improving how the fashion industry develops, sources, and manufactures products. With a combination of industry expertise and the application of disruptive technology, including Big Data Analytics and AI, Coats Digital’s solutions deliver significant, measurable, and sustainable improvements in cost and speed, supporting a truly integrated, transparent, and agile supply chain.

Their expertise in this niche sector is not surprising. Coats Digital is part of Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer with 250 years of fashion expertise. With operations across six continents, at some 50 sites, they have a sales presence in over 100 countries. They are a key supplier to the world’s leading apparel and footwear brands.

Coats Digital understands the pressures facing the fashion industry, from the complexities of the supply chain to the rapid pace of change required to keep up in today’s digital world. Their innovative solutions support brands at every stage – from design to development, sourcing to manufacturing. They work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and then adapt their solutions to meet those needs.

Improving the fashion industry with technology-based solutions

Design Realization

Coats Digital’s technology enables designers to bring their creative visions to life with 3D simulation technology. This means less physical sampling, less waste and time saved, so designers can bring more designs to market faster.

Develop for Zero Waste

The move to more sustainable and circular fashion means a focus on reducing the waste created by the industry. Coats Digital supports this by enabling designers to optimize pattern layouts, which reduces fabric waste and reduces costs.

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Sourcing Strategies

Sourcing raw materials around the world brings its own set of challenges. Coats Digital solutions analyze vast amounts of data to create sourcing strategies that save on costs, enhance supply chain transparency and ultimately contribute to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.


In summary, Coats Digital’s solutions improve the fashion industry by creating a more decentralized, agile, and collaborative ecosystem with technology that is centered around data-driven insights. To learn more about Coats Digital and their solutions, visit their website, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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