Startup Showcase: Concept Capital Group – Investing in Socially Responsible and Sustainable Properties

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Investing in the property market can be a daunting task for many, but Concept Capital Group is changing the game with their unique approach to property investment. Their focus on socially responsible and sustainable investments is what sets them apart from other property investment groups. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a look at how Concept Capital Group is transforming the property investment market in the UK.

What is Concept Capital Group?

Concept Capital Group is a property investment group based in London, UK. They offer a hassle-free approach to property investment, connecting investors with socially responsible, economically sustainable, and high yielding investment opportunities in the UK. Their mission is to shape a property market where investment and provision meet the genuine demands of the consumers.

How does Concept Capital Group work?

Concept Capital Group utilises alternative investment to diversify their clients’ portfolios and strengthen their position to bring investors sustainable growth. They work closely with local communities, councils, and housing associations to identify areas where there is a need for affordable housing. Their approach is centred around creating homes that are both financially and socially sustainable – contributing to the overall wellbeing of communities.

Concept Capital Group’s Property Investments

Concept Capital Group’s property investments are focused on socially responsible and economically sustainable solutions. They have a unique focus on prefabricated off-site modular construction, which provides a quick and cost-effective way of building new homes. This approach is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps to reduce the time taken to complete a project. The company intends to become the premier investment provider for innovative affordable housing solutions.

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Why Choose Concept Capital Group?

Concept Capital Group’s unique approach to property investment ensures that all aspects of the market positively benefit from their activity. Their investments provide investors with sustainable growth while simultaneously meeting the genuine demands of the consumers. Investing with Concept Capital Group means investing in a socially responsible and sustainable future for communities, which is vital for long-term investment success.


Concept Capital Group is changing the game in the property investment market by offering socially responsible and sustainable investment opportunities. Their unique focus on affordable, prefabricated homes not only benefits investors but also local communities. Investing with Concept Capital Group is investing in a future where the needs of people and the environment are prioritised. To learn more about their approach to property investment, visit their website or connect with them on social media.


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