Startup Showcase: Concr – Solving Data to Enable Precision Diagnostics for All

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Concr is a game-changing biotech startup based in Cambridge, UK, that is revolutionizing cancer treatment through precision diagnostics. By leveraging advanced statistical learning and modelling techniques adopted from astrophysics, Concr has developed a powerful predictive engine that accurately identifies biomarkers to analyze individualized patient response to drug therapies. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore Concr’s innovative approach to solving data and how it is transforming the field of oncology.

Solving Data to Drive Cancer Research

Traditional cancer drug development follows a linear and rigid process that relies on collecting and analyzing data from clinical trials before moving to the next phase. However, more than 90% of novel cancer drugs fail early in clinical trials, largely because the data generated is too limited and doesn’t yield meaningful biological insights into individualized patient response to therapy.

Concr aims to change this paradigm by integrating sparse data from disparate sources to generate actionable insights for cost-effective drug development and patient treatment. By combining cosmology methods, cutting-edge machine learning techniques, and a deep understanding of tumour progression, Concr empowers cross-talk and iterative learning between data sources to predict cancer evolution in response to treatment.

A Cloud-Based Platform for Accurate Predictive Analysis

Concr’s cloud-based platform, FarrSight™, is a powerful tool designed to help researchers and clinicians store, manage, and analyze data in a single location. It uses statistical learning algorithms to interlink different data sources, optimizing value from even limited and sparse datasets. This allows FarrSight™ to predict patient response, identify and develop biomarkers for drugs, and reduce the need for costly pre-clinical and clinical data by 300x and 7x, respectively.

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FarrSight™’s predictive engine enables researchers to ask complex questions and identify patient-specific profiles with greater accuracy, ultimately resulting in better treatment options and improved patient outcomes. With access to more comprehensive and insightful data, drug developers and clinicians can make better informed decisions, ultimately saving time and resources while accelerating drug development timelines.

The Future of Cancer Treatment

Concr is dedicated to combining data science and biology to improve the development of cancer therapies. Its innovative approach to data integration and neurological understanding of cancer research provides a unique solution for the challenges facing the biotech industry. As a mission-driven company, Concr is dedicated to making cancer treatment more personalized and effective for patients worldwide.


In this Startup Showcase, we have explored how Concr is solving data to enable precision diagnostics in oncology. The innovative combination of statistical learning and astrophysics modeling is yielding valuable insights for drug developers, clinicians, and researchers. As the world continues to seek more effective cancer treatments, Concr’s biological insights and powerhouse predictive engine are paving the way for a more dynamic and diverse drug development pipeline.


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