Startup Showcase: DataKiwi – Enhancing Legal Teams with AI

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Startup Showcase: DataKiwi – Enhancing Legal Teams with AI

As the legal industry becomes increasingly digitized, law firms must embrace new technologies to stay competitive. DataKiwi, a London-based legaltech company, is leading the charge with its cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to enhance the work of legal teams worldwide. In this startup showcase, we explore how DataKiwi’s AI technology is changing the game in litigation management.

Revolutionizing Early Case Assessment

DataKiwi’s proprietary technology is built on decades of litigation experience and expertise, combined with AI and machine learning algorithms. The result is an early case assessment (ECA) tool that empowers legal teams to interrogate and curate documents in record time. Using the platform’s key features, legal professionals can get to the answers they need quickly and efficiently.

Powerful AI Engine

At the heart of DataKiwi’s platform is the most robust AI engine on the market. The technology can parse over an enhanced dataset to test legal and factual investigation queries. The results are returned to prove or disprove legal hypotheses. The AI engine is built to mimic human reasoning, with the ability to learn and adapt over time.

Simple User Upload Process

Lawyers have control of the data process, not their IT colleagues. The platform has made it easy for lawyers to process and upload data from a wide range of disparate sources. The user-friendly interface enables users to upload data quickly and seamlessly.

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Integration of Public and Social Data Sources

DataKiwi’s AI technology integrates public and social data sources into the user’s data. Public data sources such as Companies House, online press outlets, and social media platforms are seamlessly integrated into the user’s data. This allows users to test source data against public data and fill in gaps or add context, all within the DataKiwi platform.

Class Leading Filtration Parameters

DataKiwi’s platform offers class-leading filtration parameters, allowing users to crop data sets by date, time, custodian, sentiment, location, and/or keyword. This feature helps legal teams focus on the information that is most relevant to their case.

Travel Visualization and Data Visualization

DataKiwi’s platform offers visual representations of data that are easy to digest. The travel visualization tool allows users to track a custodian’s movements over a specific time period. Meanwhile, the data visualization tool transforms complex data into coherent graphics, revealing key relationships, communications, and movements.

On-Platform Record of Data Journey

The platform offers an on-platform record of the data journey, providing users with a user-friendly format that collates their decisions, findings, and conclusions. The data journey tool is designed to create a record of key factual findings and conclusions, helping users understand the workflow, user experience, and use case.


DataKiwi’s AI technology offers an innovative, efficient, and effective way for legal teams to manage litigation. The platform’s cutting-edge features, such as the powerful AI engine, simple user upload process, and integration of public and social data sources, make it a standout product in the legaltech space. With its emphasis on enhancing the user experience and understanding the data journey, DataKiwi is the perfect tool for savvy law firms looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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