Startup Showcase: Dialllog, the CRM Alternative for VC Funds

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In this startup showcase, we introduce you to Dialllog – the first CRM alternative for venture capital funds. Based in London, Dialllog offers a 360° view of all activities for VC funds, allowing investors to manage and organise all interactions with ease. If you’re interested in innovation, increasing your team’s efficiency and productivity, read on for an in-depth look at this game-changing platform.

The Basics of Dialllog

Dialllog offers a one-of-a-kind platform designed specifically for Venture Capital Funds. The collaboration and relationships platform is specifically designed for everyday use by investors to talk to portfolio companies, start-ups, LPs, co-investors, experts, and advisors. With Dialllog, users have access to a wealth of data-driven workflows, smart insights in real-time, and a comprehensive 360° view of all activities. The platform offers smart tracking and reporting, powered by KPIs, as well as email integration, Smart elastic search, due diligence management, fundraising processes, email automation, notifications, and reminders.

Dialllog Key Features

Dialllog offers numerous features and capabilities that are hard to find in other CRM softwares. Some of the key benefits Dialllog provides include:

  • Fundraising Management – Dialllog helps investors automate and manage their fundraising processes more efficiently. With the platform, investors can easily collaborate with investors, deal partners, and other insiders. Dialllog not only simplifies the fundraising process but also helps manage the entire deal flow process starting from due diligence through to investment management.
  • Deal flow Management – Dialllog takes managing deal flows off your hands, and provides a full view of all stages through the journey. Its features include Records of meeting details with the founders, valuation information, ownership information, preferred returns, and so forth.
  • Robust Database for Due Diligence – At Dialllog, investors are greeted with a fully searchable and updatable database with detailed records of each company. The platform possesses deep pre and post due diligence capabilities for investment partners.
  • KPI reporting and Reporting Framework – Dialllog offers smart KPIs tracking and ESG reporting frameworks which help investors to easily monitor the progress of their investments in real-time. Investors can track the performance of their companies using the provided data.
  • Email automation, smart notifications, and reminders – Dialllog not only simplifies the way investors manage their investments but also makes the process much easier through the email automation feature. Users receive smart notifications and reminders when necessary.
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Why Choose Dialllog

Given the numerous benefits Dialllog offers investors, it has been influential in increasing investment partners’ efficiency and productivity. With Dialllog, investors can save time by consolidating and tracking all records in one platform securely. Also, dialllog offers end-to-end transparency on your investment journey while improving the overall impact of the investment outcome. By adopting Dialllog, investment partners can achieve Organizational efficiency and ensure seamless collaboration for successful investments.


Dialllog’s value is driven by its ability to balance being a CRM alternative with offering a full-fledged platform capable of assisting investment partners in several stages of investment. Dialllog ensures that collaboration is made possible and investors have access to robust data-driven workflows, making the investor’s journey more collaborative and efficient. If you want to learn more about Dialllog, or interested in increasing your team’s efficiency and productivity, head over to their website, and start a trial.


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