Startup Showcase: Diamondsmith Industries’ Sparkling Revolution

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Specialists in affordable luxury jewellery and diamond accessories, Diamondsmith Industries’ flagship online store offers exceptional quality at unbeatable prices. Based in London, this UK startup has pioneered significant technological and design advancements to push the boundaries of E-commerce in the jewellery sector. This Startup Showcase will take a closer look at the unique features that sets Diamondsmith apart from its competitors and how they are driving industry growth through innovation, passion, and precision.

The Early Days of Diamondsmith Industries

The business began as a manufacturer of fine jewellery and precious stones to established jewelry traders in the UK. But as the diamond industry changed, Diamondsmith realized that modern customers wanted to engage with and buy products directly from them, rather than middlemen. This shift in focus led to the launch of their online retail store, initially concentrating on engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Product ranges have now expanded to include bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, with the range set to continue broadening.

Unbeatable Price Promise

Diamondsmith’s  aim is to provide luxury jewellery and accessories at prices that the masses can afford. To achieve that, the company operates a ‘Best Price Guaranteed’ scheme, ensuring that their prices are unbeatable. Furthermore, Diamondsmith pledges to reduce prices by a further 5% if a customer can uncover a more affordable rate for the same item of jewelry. This confidence is rooted expressly in the company’s efficient working practices, and ability to maximize the value of their internal direct-to-consumer distribution network.

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Revolutionizing Online Diamond Purchases

The company’s innovative use of 3D interactive technology allows customers to virtually visualize every single facet of their desired piece of jewelry. Through this visualization tool, customers can see in fine detail how it will look on them before making a purchase. While this technology was previously only available in some showrooms, Diamondsmith has made it accessible to clients across the globe. The company’s website provides all the essential information to prospective buyers, including the chance to discuss customization options, engraving, and their return policies.

Where To Find Diamondsmith

These days, Diamondsmith can be found on all major online retail outlets, including both Amazon and eBay. In addition to its online presence, the company’s social media accounts are gaining traction, with its LinkedIn page proving to be a popular platform for sharing articles and behind-the-scenes glimpses of manufacturing processes. Recognizing the importance of being available to customers, the company’s customer services team operates seven days a week, affording their customers the opportunity to receive prompt and attentive support.


Diamondsmith Industries believes it is on track to become one of the top 10 online retailers of diamond jewelry by 2025; a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. Apart from its ethical and environmentally friendly practices, the company’s greatest USP (unique selling points) remains the combination of unbeatable prices, technology-driven product visualization, and unparalleled customer service. Diamondsmith Industries continues to raise the bar for the diamond jewellery industry, with a commitment to staying ahead of the curve and setting standards for the e-retail sector.

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Read more from UKT News:  Is Blockchain Disrupting Traditional P2P Lending with Hard Asset Integration?

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