Startup Showcase: Dot Investing – Unlocking Access to Best-In-Class Private Markets

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For many, the prospect of investing in private and alternative markets seems out of reach due to high minimum investment requirements, limited access to information, and a lack of technological solutions. Dot Investing, however, offers a unique solution to these challenges by leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Curating the Best-In-Class Private Funds

One of Dot Investing’s most exciting features is its ability to curate exceptional private investment funds for its clients. Drawing on a deep understanding of the market, the team carefully selects only the highest caliber funds, rejecting the majority of offerings.

To be included, funds must demonstrate outstanding characteristics, including strong historical performance, relevant sector experience, proven expertise, and an alignment with Dot Investing’s values of transparency and accessibility.

Democratizing Access to Private and Alternative Assets

Dot Investing’s digital platform offers a level of accessibility to private and alternative markets previously only available to institutional investors. The platform offers users the ability to research, invest, and monitor their investment performance online, making the process less time-consuming and more transparent.

Investors can start with as little as £100k, which can be distributed across a variety of carefully curated funds or invested in a single fund. This democratization of access will have a significant impact on the industry and drive the overall democratization of private markets, giving individuals more control and freedom over their investment options.

Built by Investors for Investors

At its core, Dot Investing is a team of investors who aimed to offer an innovative solution to the traditional barriers of private market investment. The passion for sharing knowledge and creating transparency in this opaque industry is evident in everything they do.

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Their commitment to a more equitable investment culture has created a level playing field, allowing anyone to reach their financial goals regardless of their wealth or background. A closer look at Dot Investing’s website reveals pages dedicated to education and transparency, making them standout as a dynamic startup on a mission.

Investing Made Easy

Investors seek ease and confidence when making investment decisions, and Dot Investing delivers just that. The digital platform offers a straightforward and user-friendly experience with numerous resources, making it easy to research and track investments in real-time.


Dot Investing offers groundbreaking investment technology and expertise to enable world-class access to private and alternative assets. They have eliminated barriers, leveled the playing field for investing, and democratized market access, thus achieving their mission to transform investment culture.


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