Startup Showcase: Doxa Industries – Revolutionizing University Application Support in the UK

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Are you a student struggling to make your university applications stand out? Are you an educational institution looking to enhance the support you provide to your students and parents? Look no further than Doxa Industries, the specialist provider of application support for top UK universities.

The Need for Stronger Application Support

Starting from their passion for providing robust application support for UK university students, Doxa Industries has revolutionized the application experience for many. The traditional methods of academic success alone are not perceived as representative of an applicant’s potential. As such, having a portfolio of supra-curricular activities is a necessary edge when it comes to these highly competitive applications.

The Problem Doxa Addresses

As students aspire towards their academic goals, they need the right guidance to reinforce the relevance of their passion for their chosen subjects. This is where Doxa comes in, with their core emphasis on long-term passion development and supplementary support-building alongside traditional academics. With experience in the UK application system, Doxa Industries has in-depth knowledge of the Oxbridge applications process, giving them an edge in providing support to students aspiring to join either of the prestigious institutions.

The Solution That Doxa Provides

Doxa draws its support from over 250 trained mentors, including students, graduates, and postgraduates from UK’s top universities, tapping an unparalleled network of computer scientists, social scientists, natural scientists, and humanities scholars from the nation’s elite. Additionally, they have 50 disciplines that cover a broad spectrum of majors and interests, ensuring that each student gets the essential structure and guidance based on their passions.

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Doxa has assisted over 550 students since their launch in 2018, proving their excellence in securing offers for a broad range of courses. Their testimonials show how their students have achieved offers in highly competitive courses and have significantly improved their applications, elevated their academic careers, and challenged themselves to new heights.

What Makes Doxa Unique

Doxa offers an extraordinary white-label b2b service, as well as a range of portfolios catering to students and educational institutions all across the globe, making the support accessible to anyone in the world. Over the years, they have collaborated with multiple schools and educational institutions, including the British School of Beijing, the King’s School Canterbury, and a handful of highly reputed international schools. Their white-label service allows these educational institutions to provide Doxa’s support under their brand for maximum exposure.

Currently operating from London, Doxa Industries is committed to enhancing their portfolio of application support while growing their outstanding team of mentors. They recognize the necessity for support structures in application processes, and thus, remain dedicated to continuously redefining and innovating their current best standards.


Doxa Industries is a growing UK-based startup that never fails to deliver. Their passion for supporting and reinforcing the strengths of students’ applications makes them an excellent startup showcase to UKT News, amongst the most innovative new businesses in the UK. They work globally to provide high-quality support, with their international presence growing steadily. Doxa Industries has come up with a unique solution to a problem faced by students and educational institutions worldwide, with excellent testimonials to support their work.

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