Startup Showcase: EDGED.AI – Transforming the Future with AI Solutions

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the buzzword for the new age of technological revolution. With AI-enabled devices and software increasingly being integrated into everyday life, the demand for dedicated AI processors has been on the rise. EDGED.AI is an emerging AI solutions company that is revolutionizing the industry with its proprietary family of tensor processing units.

Introducing EDGED.AI: A Startup Showcasing AI Solutions for the Future

EDGED.AI is an AI solutions company based in London, United Kingdom, with a mission to provide cutting-edge technology to transform the future of the AI industry. The company is licensing its family of tensor processing units (TPUs) and related AI software to traditional semiconductor companies, as well as electronic sub-systems and system companies and OEMs that are designing their own AI chips. The company’s products enable customers to create optimized, customized solutions for a growing number of AI applications and use cases.

EDGED TPU Silicon IP Cores: A Solution for Edge AI Processing

EDGED.AI’s tensor processing units are designed to provide optimized solutions for low-latitude CNN and RNN processing on a broad range of ASIC and even FPGA devices. The highly configurable nature of the IP core makes it possible to be very efficient in silicon implementation where IP Core can be right-sized for target application requirements. As a result, EDGED TPU Silicon IP Cores are perfectly suitable for edge devices such as industrial machinery, surveillance cameras, smart network devices and autonomous devices that are limited in power and sensitivity to processing latency.

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Sophisticated Software Stack for Efficient AI Implementation

EDGED.AI’s proprietary software stack simplifies the full solution implementation for AI applications while enabling hardware/software simultaneous co-development. This unique feature provides EDGED.AI’s customers a competitive advantage by enabling them to fully maximize the potential of EDGED TPU Silicon IP Cores and create highly optimized, customized solutions that drive innovation.

Leading the AI Industry with Cutting-Edge Solutions

With a team of industry experts and cutting-edge technology, EDGED.AI is poised to revolutionize the AI industry by providing highly optimized AI solutions for edge devices. As AI continues to grow and evolve, EDGED.AI is at the forefront of innovation, driving the industry forward and transforming the future with its proprietary product offering.

Want to learn more about EDGED.AI and its products? Visit the company’s website at or follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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