Startup Showcase: emit Industries – Revolutionizing Time Management with AI and a Smartwatch

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Are you tired of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want? Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of digital noise and distractions bombarding you every day? Look no further than emit Industries, a London-based startup that is revolutionizing time management through the power of AI and a smartwatch.

emit Industries is a groundbreaking startup that focuses on enhancing time management and improving adherence to goals and tasks. The company’s main objective is to provide users with a tool that helps them effectively manage their time, remove digital clutter, and stay on track with their goals. At emit Industries, the team is passionate about developing technology that is user-friendly, personalized, and adaptable to the constantly evolving world of work.

Smartwatch that shows time in reverse – The Psychology of Scarcity

emit’s first product is a smartwatch that uses psychology to motivate people into action. The smartwatch displays time in reverse, showing users countdowns to their most important goals, rather than the traditional clock format that only displays the time. By de-cluttering the user’s digital life and focusing solely on the most crucial tasks, the smartwatch acts as a constant reminder to stay on track and make daily progress. This unique approach taps into scarcity psychology, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging productivity.

Analytics on Task Adherence and Personalized Scheduling

emit Industries is not stopping at a smartwatch that drives productivity. The startup is working on analytics that can track tasks and objectively measure adherence to goals. This feature will allow users to receive a personalized schedule that maximizes their time based on their preferred work rhythms and suggests ways to achieve goals more efficiently. For businesses, this will be an excellent tool to determine the efficiency of their employees and improve productivity with a data-driven approach.

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Revolutionizing Employee Productivity

emit Industries’ ability to measure adherence to tasks is more than just a personal time management tool. The startup is positioning itself as a productivity service provider for businesses. The smartwatch can help companies determine the most efficient way to schedule employee tasks, check on their adherence levels, and ultimately, lead to increased productivity and greater success for the company.


emit Industries is a startup that is changing the way we approach time management by creating a smartwatch with powerful features. This watch has an exceptional potential to help individuals and businesses find ways to utilize their time more efficiently. emit Industries stands out with its unique approach to time management, personalization, and data-driven decision-making. If you’re tired of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, then you should visit emit Industries’ website, social media pages, and experience the future of time management for yourself.





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