Startup Showcase: Firehaus – Kindling Renewed Purpose for Brands

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What is Firehaus?

Firehaus is a strategic creative consultancy that helps brands achieve renewed purpose and a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace. Based in Bristol, UK, their expert team offers a range of services, including brand strategy, advertising, marketing, creativity, and communications. At its core, Firehaus operates on the principle that creativity thrives in certain conditions: their job is to diagnose what’s holding back creativity in your business and find actionable solutions.

Spark – Diagnosing the Problem

One of Firehaus’s key services is Spark, their proprietary tool for diagnosing creativity challenges. Spark is underpinned by academic theory and empirical research and enables leadership teams to gain actionable insight to act as a key driver to kindle renewed purpose for a brand. This tool helps to identify barriers to creativity within a company’s internal/external environment and provides potential solutions that can be implemented by management.

Creativity Network – Working Flexibly with Partners

The company prides itself on its network and solutions neutrality. They work with clients to understand their unique challenges and collaborate with their network of partners to develop tailored solutions that meet the company’s specific needs. Firehaus’s partners come from a range of industries, from advertising and market research, to creative freelancers and brand specialists. Their focus is on finding the right solution for your specific brand, regardless of the media or techniques involved.

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Creativity Exchange – Embedding Creativity in Your Business

Another key offering from Firehaus is their support in embedding creativity in client businesses. This is accomplished through a variety of channels, including workshops, training sessions, etc which help upskill and energize your employees to be more creative in spot of adversity. They understand that creativity is not a one-off event and recognize the importance of cultivating a culture of creativity within the client’s business.

Creativity on Tap – Joining You on the Journey

Sometimes problems can’t be fixed overnight. At Firehaus, they believe in working alongside clients as they navigate a creative journey. This is where the “Creativity on Tap” service comes in. Clients can “subscribe” to this service and work alongside independent experts from Firehaus over a period of months or years, as they strive to implement their ideas and cultivate a creative culture within their organizations.


If you’re looking to kindle renewed purpose for your brand, people, and culture, look no further than Firehaus. With their proprietary tools, flexible solutions, and expert team, they can help spark the creativity you need to gain an edge in the market. Contact Firehaus today via their website or social media channels to learn how they can help you unleash your brand’s full potential.


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