Startup Showcase: Flow Industries – Helping Independent Shops Achieve Their Full Potential

A Look Into The Mission and Approach of Flow Alpha Limited, A UK Startup Providing Liquidity to Independent Retailers in Developing Markets.

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As more and more businesses move online, independent shops in developing markets are facing an uphill battle to keep up with their larger counterparts. Despite selling 80% or more of all goods consumed in developing markets, these shops struggle with liquidity and are often unable to reach their full potential. But with the help of Flow Alpha Limited, these independent shops can now gain access to the liquidity they need to succeed.

Founded in Harrow, UK, Flow Alpha Limited is a startup dedicated to helping independent shops in developing and emerging markets. With a focus on providing business intelligence and data analytics services, Flow Alpha is uniquely positioned to identify the business needs of small shops.

As a team of entrepreneurs with experience in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, Flow Alpha has a deep understanding of the challenges that small independent shops face. With offices in Uganda and India in addition to their London headquarters, Flow Alpha is able to provide targeted support to shops in countries where access to liquidity is particularly challenging.

Identifying the Need for Liquidity

One of the biggest challenges facing independent shops in developing markets is liquidity. While larger retailers have access to credit and financing options, small shops are often left struggling to keep up with inventory demands. This lack of liquidity can prevent shops from scaling up and achieving their full potential.

Flow Alpha is working to address this issue by providing data analytics and business intelligence services to help small shops better understand their finances and inventory needs. By gaining insights into their business operations, these shops can make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and manage their inventory.

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Bringing E-Money Liquidity to Independent Shops

In addition to providing data analytics and business intelligence services, Flow Alpha is also focused on enhancing access to e-money liquidity. E-money is becoming an increasingly important source of liquidity for small shops, as many are unable to access traditional banking options.

By working with e-money providers, Flow Alpha is helping to bridge the gap between independent shops and liquidity providers. This is a critical step in helping these shops reach their full potential and compete with larger retailers.


Flow Alpha Limited is a UK startup with a mission to help independent shops in developing markets overcome their liquidity challenges. By providing business intelligence and data analytics services, Flow Alpha is helping these shops better understand their operations and make more informed decisions. And by enhancing access to e-money liquidity, Flow Alpha is helping to level the playing field for small shops in developing markets. To learn more about Flow Alpha Limited and their services, visit their website at




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