Startup Showcase: Flyer One Ventures – Investing in the Future-Proof Startups from CEE Region

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Flyer One Ventures is making waves in the world of international venture capital investment, focused on supporting early-stage startups in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. This London-based firm has a vision to support exceptional teams and future-proof startups operating in global markets worth more than $10 billion. As a startup showcase, let’s explore who they are, what they do, and how they are helping startups reach their potential.

Investing Focused on Future-Proof Startups

Flyer One Ventures invests in startups that are already making an impact and operating in highly competitive global markets. These startups need funding and support to scale their businesses and become market leaders. The team at Flyer One Ventures seeks out startups operating in industries such as Mobile, Health Tech, EdTech, Fitness & Wellness, B2B SaaS, Gaming, Food Tech, and AI/ML.

A Global Investment Firm with a Difference

Flyer One Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm created by the co-founder of BetterMe, a well-known health and wellness platform. The team is comprised of experienced investors who bring to the table more than just funding. Their expertise includes Digital Marketing, Product, PR, Branding, and Recruiting. This firm is much more than just a source of funding. It has a unique and dedicated approach to helping startups with growth and development.

Supporting Startups to Expand Internationally

One of Flyer One Venture’s main goals is to help CEE startups reach global markets, offering them mentorship and daily support along the way. The company is invested in the success of its portfolio companies, and they believe in long-term partnerships that exist beyond just the kind of financial investment.

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“Flyer One Ventures actively supports its portfolio companies, helping them optimize digital marketing campaigns, hire R&D staff, build user-friendly products, and fundraise Series A and Series B rounds” –

The Flyer One Ventures Approach to Successful Investing

The team at Flyer One Ventures know that investing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. They take the time to learn about their partners and their needs. By offering bespoke support, they can help early-stage startups meet their goals and reach their full potential. Along with funding and guidance, Flyer One Ventures also offers access to a vast network of global experts and resources.

The Ultimate Goal: Supporting Early- Stage Startups to Become Global Leaders

Flyer One Ventures is a venture capital firm with big objectives. They want to help startups from CEE reach their full potential as global leaders. The firm believes that by offering the right support and guidance, they can open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and markets. With their motto “investing in the future-proof startups,” Flyer One Ventures is on a mission to make a meaningful impact on the global startup scene.


Flyer One Ventures is an innovative venture capital firm that is shaking up the industry by investing in early-stage startups from the CEE region. The company is dedicated to supporting startups operating in global markets and has a unique approach that involves investment, mentorship, and bespoke support. Their vision of investing in the future-proof startups with the help of seasoned investors shows their commitment to success as a startup showcase. The world of international venture capital investment will certainly be keeping their eyes on Flyer One Ventures.

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