Startup Showcase: Flyway – Making Second Home Ownership Affordable and Hassle-Free

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Are you tired of wasting money on rentals and hotels every time you visit your favorite European city? Do you dream of owning a pied-à-terre, but the cost of a whole property seems unattainable? Look no further than Flyway, the PropTech startup revolutionizing second home ownership.

What is Flyway?

Flyway is a London-based company that uses PropTech to make owning a second home in the heart of European capitals accessible and stress-free. Through fractional ownership, Flyway makes it possible for you to co-own a second home with up to 11 other individuals, allowing you to enjoy your city getaway for up to 30 days annually. Plus, if you desire more time or ownership, you can buy more shares.

How Does It Work?

Flyway identifies prime properties in top locations, which they then enhance with smart features. An LTD (Limited Liability Company) acquires each property, and that LTD is split into 12 equal shares, with each share costing 1/12 of the total house price. As a buyer, you can purchase up to half of the property, giving you at least 60 days of residency annually.

What Do You Get?

By purchasing a share in a Flyway home, you receive ownership of the property suited to your budget and needs. You can use and resell your share whenever you please, and enjoy smart and upscale living in downtown prime properties. Flyway takes care of all the maintenance, cleaning, and bill handling, acting as the Property Manager, so you can simply arrive and enjoy your home.

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Why Flyway?

Flyway is revolutionizing the way we experience second home ownership. With their innovative solution, you can escape to your favorite European city without wasting money on rentals or hotels. Fractional ownership means that owning a second home is now accessible and affordable, which was once a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Additionally, Flyway deals with all the hassle of ownership, allowing you to enjoy your home without any maintenance or administrative worries.


With Flyway, owning a second home in a European city is no longer a far-off dream. By co-owning a Flyway home, you have the opportunity to invest in a rapidly-growing and profitable industry, while enjoying cost-effective and stress-free ownership. Don’t wait any longer to own your pied-à-terre in the city of your dreams – Flyway can make it a reality.


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