Startup Showcase: – Revolutionizing Fraud Prevention and Management

Delivering an end-to-end fraud prevention and management paradigm, enhancing customer experience.

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Fraud is a growing problem worldwide, costing financial institutions billions of dollars every year. In response to this challenge, has emerged as a promising solution to combat financial crime through one unified solution by prioritizing customer experience while balancing risks. is one of the new age startups that is intent on revolutionizing the fraud prevention and management industry. The London based company has taken an end-to-end approach to combat fraud, and the results have been very impressive.

Unified Solution for Fraud Prevention and Management has been able to achieve what many financial institutions have failed to do – a unified solution to fraud prevention and management. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services that encompass user authentication, fraud prevention, operations, and management solutions.

The company’s technologies are designed to combat financial crime at digital enterprises in financial services, E-Commerce, Gaming, Health, Aviation, Hospitality, Government sectors. This approach ensures that no matter the sector,’s technologies can be deployed to manage risks effectively.

Enhancement of Customer Experience

One of the primary concerns of many financial institutions is delivering an excellent customer experience while ensuring that the risk of fraud is minimized. has addressed this concern by developing technologies that prioritize customer experience. The company’s technologies are designed to simplify fraud management operations while delivering an improved customer experience.

This approach has helped become one of the most sought-after partners for financial institutions looking to enhance their customer’s experience while minimizing the risk of fraud.

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Advanced Technologies to Combat Fraud employs the latest technologies in combating fraud. The company combines ID Proofing, KYC, Biometric Authentication via face and voice recognition, Collective Intelligence, Rule-based decision engines, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Link Analysis to combat fraud.

This approach ensures that’s solutions can adapt to the ever-evolving nature of fraud, making them highly effective in managing risks.

Conclusion is a promising startup that has taken an end-to-end approach to tackle fraud in the financial industry. The company’s technologies prioritize customer experience while balancing risks, making them highly sought after in the industry. With their advanced technologies, is positioning itself as a top choice for financial institutions looking to manage risks effectively.


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