Startup Showcase: GetGround – Revolutionizing UK Buy-to-Let Investing with Digital Platform

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Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups that are shaking up the UK market. In this issue, we are excited to introduce GetGround, the UK’s only digital company formation and management platform that’s changing the way landlords and property investors manage their buy-to-let properties.

Revolutionizing Buy-to-Let Investing

If you’re an overseas investor or landlord looking to invest in UK buy-to-let properties, GetGround is the solution you’ve been waiting for. GetGround’s innovative Fintech platform makes it easy, fast and cost-effective for investors to establish registered UK limited companies entirely online within 30 minutes. Through these companies, investors can purchase buy-to-let properties and enjoy the benefits of investing through company structures, including tax advantages, asset protection, and increased flexibility.

Simplifying Company Management

But the real magic of GetGround lies in its automated management system that takes care of all the day-to-day management of the companies, from bookkeeping and accounting to tax returns. This means investors and landlords no longer have to deal with the tedious and time-consuming administrative burdens of managing their companies.

Expert Assistance

GetGround’s team of experts, including accountants and lawyers, are on hand to assist with any questions, concerns or legal matters investors may have. This gives investors peace of mind knowing they have a trusted ‘one-stop-shop’ partner with significant knowledge of UK buy-to-let market.

Trusted by Thousands

Since launching in early 2020, GetGround has become a well-established name in the UK buy-to-let market, with thousands of satisfied customers across the UK, Middle East and Asia. With its user-friendly interface, fast and efficient service, and ongoing support from its expert team, it’s easy to see why GetGround is quickly becoming the go-to platform for property investors looking to simplify their investment process.

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Join the Revolution Today

Are you ready to join the revolution and simplify your buy-to-let investments? Visit GetGround’s website today to learn more about its innovative platform and sign up for its services. With GetGround, investing in UK properties has never been easier.


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