Startup Showcase: Gleensite – Revolutionizing Decision-Making with Predictive Analytics Mapping Software

Big Data and AI-powered Gleensite empowers decision-makers across all sectors through deep predictive analytics.

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Gleensite is a London-based startup that has developed a self-service Predictive Analytics Mapping software that can revolutionize the decision-making process across all sectors. By leveraging the power of Big Data and AI, Gleensite helps organizations identify emerging trends, prioritize investments, and understand the impact of different variables across space and time. Through its cutting-edge technology, Gleensite empowers businesses to make informed decisions, avoid potential downturns, and seize new opportunities.

Advanced Predictive Analytics for Better Decision-Making

With the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making in the 21st century, Gleensite’s technology is a game-changer. Their Predictive Analytics Mapping software uses both conventional and non-conventional data points to provide deep insights into the market trends and emerging opportunities. This AI-powered software enables businesses to understand how different variables are likely to impact their operations in the future. From cross-continent analysis to the neighbourhood level, Gleensite provides a holistic view of the market conditions and helps businesses make informed decisions.

Revolutionizing Real Estate Decision-Making

Gleensite is particularly focused on the real estate sector, where the technology can be particularly transformative. The company’s AI-powered software can help real estate investors by providing them with detailed insights and analysing the market trends. Gleensite can identify emerging growth areas, highlight potential risks and reveal hidden risk factors. This helps investors to understand the full impact of their investments and make informed decisions on property investments. With Gleensite’s software, real estate investors can anticipate the market shifts and maximize their ROI.

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Predictve Analytics Mapping Software Across All Sectors

While Gleensite has primarily focused on real estate, their Predictive Analytics Mapping software is designed to benefit all sectors. By offering businesses a holistic view of their operating environment, Gleensite empowers decision-makers to avoid potential risks, seize new opportunities, and make informed investments. Their cutting-edge technology can help businesses across all sectors bolster their competitive advantage and thrive in an increasingly complex and data-driven business landscape.


Gleensite is revolutionizing decision-making with its predictive analytics mapping software. By providing businesses with detailed insights and market analysis powered by AI technology, Gleensite empowers investors to make informed decisions and prioritize their investments. While currently focusing on the real estate sector, Gleensite’s technology is poised to benefit businesses across all sectors. As a London-based startup, Gleensite is well-positioned to make an impact in the global business world.


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