Startup Showcase: Goldstein Market Intelligence – Helping Businesses Make Informed Decisions

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London-based Goldstein Market Intelligence is revolutionizing the way businesses make decisions for growth and strategy. Operational since 2015, the startup has emerged as a one-stop-shop for intelligence services, consulting, and advisory related research services for clients across multiple industries. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at how Goldstein Market Intelligence helps businesses make better-informed decisions.

About Goldstein Market Intelligence

Goldstein Market Intelligence (GMI) is a London-based professional services firm that provides research, consulting, and advisory services to clients worldwide. With a mission to help businesses make informed decisions to create and sustain growth, GMI collaborates with executives and teams to design effective strategies and align the organization for growth. GMI has an extensive network of professionals and experts worldwide who provide customized solutions to clients’ unique challenges.

Services Offered

  • Intelligence Services: GMI offers a range of intelligence services, including market research, industry analysis, competitive landscapes, customer profiling, and supply chain analysis. The firm’s intelligence services are designed to provide clients with in-depth knowledge of their target markets, competitors, and customers.
  • Consulting & Advisory: GMI’s consulting and advisory services provide clients with strategic guidance and support for effective decision-making. The firm’s consulting services include growth strategy, business model innovation, M&A support, and organizational alignment. GMI’s advisory services cover a wide range of topics, including market entry, market positioning, and customer segmentation.
  • Research: GMI’s research services provide clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. The firm’s research services include industry reports, custom research, data analytics, and insights. Whether clients need to understand a particular industry or their customers better, GMI’s research services deliver actionable information.
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Why Choose Goldstein Market Intelligence?

  • Expertise: GMI has a team of experts who specialize in a wide range of industries and topics. The firm’s professionals have worked with clients across multiple industries, including healthcare, technology, energy, and consumer goods. They identify the trends, drivers, and challenges of a market with a focus on helping clients with actionable and data-driven insights.
  • Customizable Solutions: GMI delivers customized solutions designed to meet each client’s unique needs. The firm’s intelligence, consulting, and research services are tailored to clients’ specific challenges, industry requirements, and organizational sizes.
  • Global Reach: GMI’s network of professionals and experts reaches across the world. Whether clients want to enter a new market or expand globally, GMI has the expertise to help them realize their growth potential.


Goldstein Market Intelligence’s services help businesses make informed and data-driven decisions by delivering actionable insights with the help of in-depth knowledge of various markets, competitors, and customers. The firm’s customized solutions, global reach, and team of experts make it an ideal choice for businesses that want to achieve their growth potential.





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