Startup Showcase: Groov – Proactive Financial Services for SMBs

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In a highly competitive financial services landscape, providing exceptional customer experience and a wide range of services to small businesses can be challenging. Most SMB service providers rely on basic, static data to make decisions, which provides a limited view of business performance. Fortunately, Groov a startup based in Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom, is working to change that.

Groov provides a real-time 360 financial profile of any small business to drive decision-making for the SMB financial services ecosystem. By surfacing previously hard-to-reach trading data that gives a real-time view of business performance, Groov gives its lenders and other service providers a timely and rich picture of true business performance – rather than relying on one-dimensional, outdated submissions and error-prone voluntary data. Better quality data means better decisions, which means more inclusive financial services and healthier small businesses.

360 Financial Profile: The Key to Fact-Based Decision Making

The Groov team believes that small businesses should have access to the same level of service and information as larger enterprises. Unlike other SMB-centric financial services providers that rely on traditional data sources, Groov’s platform derives valuable financial insights by ingesting real-time data, including revenue, expenses, payroll, sales, and other metrics. This data is analyzed and presented in an easy-to-understand format that provides lenders and other service providers a complete picture of a business’s financial health.

Groov is designed to help lenders and service providers make the most informed decisions possible, whether it’s assessing a credit application or offering a line of credit. Using Groov, lenders can process SMB loan applications more efficiently and quickly, resulting in a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

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The Groov Advantage: Trustworthy Data, Scalability, and Speed

What sets Groov apart from other financial services providers is its ability to provide lenders and other service providers with up to date and trustworthy data, while also ensuring the scalability of the platform. The platform stores the data acquired in a highly secured environment that reduces the risk of data theft or loss. Moreover, Groov aims to democratize data or make it more accessible to everyone by allowing multiple lenders, service providers, and businesses to use the same platform, thereby creating a cohesive ecosystem.

Groov’s innovative platform is backed by a brilliant group of angels, including those who have founded and scaled businesses such as Dimebox (Acquired by Verifone), Tide, Revolut, Founda, and Spryng. This expertise has helped Groov gain traction with key stakeholders in the financial ecosystem and support for its ambitious mission.


Groov provides an essential service for SMBs and the broader financial services ecosystem. Its innovative use of real-time financial data enables lenders and service providers to make informed decisions based on objective metrics. With its scalable platform that democratizes data and a team of experienced angels, Groov is well-positioned to transform financial services for small businesses across the globe.


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