Startup Showcase: Heartface Industries – Frictionless Shopping at your Fingertips

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In this edition of, we feature the revolutionary Heartface Industries. As a startup focused on streamlining the online shopping experience, Heartface is changing the game with its one-click checkout approach to online shopping. With its marketplace-less marketplace approach, Heartface is pushing the envelope in changing the way we consume online.

Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience

Heartface is a checkout experience that connects customers with multiple stores and products directly from a publisher’s website or app. With its simple six lines of javascript code, this amazing new startup is helping content publishers upgrade their existing affiliate links, making them shoppable for free. This frees customers to browse and purchase across multiple websites without ever having to leave the original page.

Heartface’s Frictionless Checkout

Using Heartface is easy for both retailers and customers alike. By removing the need for a separate checkout process and consolidating all products in one cart, Heartface creates a seamless shopping experience that allows the customer to shop from multiple brands without any hassle. With the growing demand for a frictionless shopping experience, Heartface is bringing solutions that are addressing the needs of e-commerce businesses.

Grow Your Business with Heartface

Heartface’s marketplace-less marketplace approach to fixing the broken link between inspiration and action is a game-changer that is beneficial to both brands and publishers. By adding Heartface’s six lines of javascript code to their website, publishers can unlock a new revenue stream and increase user retention, while brands benefit from a streamlined checkout process that encourages more sales.

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Join the Heartface Community and Future-Proof Your Business

At Heartface, we believe that creating a frictionless online shopping experience should be available to everyone. That is why we are continuously expanding our community of publishers and businesses to join our effort to make the internet a more integrated place that benefits businesses and customers alike.

If you’re interested in joining our fast-growing startup, we welcome you to visit our website and explore what Heartface can do for you. Learn more about how Heartface is revolutionizing online shopping and future-proofing businesses by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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