Startup Showcase: iakoe – Revolutionising the Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Agency Model

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The Belfast-based startup, iakoe, is changing the game in the eCommerce agency world. With a focus on value-driven pricing, iakoe partners with design-led brands to scale and optimise their direct-to-consumer business. Here’s what sets iakoe apart from its competitors:

Shifting the Focus from Time to Value

Traditional agencies focus on the time spent on a project rather than its commercial value. iakoe is changing this paradigm by adopting a performance model that creates complete alignment between client and service provider goals. This means that clients only pay a quantifiable percentage of the commercial value of iakoe’s work, ensuring that both parties have a vested interest in achieving the best possible results.

Courage to Have Skin in the Game

iakoe understands that in order to achieve the best outcomes, it’s essential to put your money where your mouth is. That’s why the startup has created a model where it shares the risk with its clients. By linking their success to the success of their clients, iakoe has created a more trustworthy and accountable model that puts the focus back on delivering results.

Designing, Building and Optimising Shopify Websites

iakoe specialises in designing, building, and optimising Shopify websites, providing a comprehensive suite of services to help brands grow their eCommerce businesses. From custom Shopify theme development to UX design and email marketing, iakoe has the expertise and experience to help brands achieve their goals.


iakoe is a game-changer in the eCommerce agency world. By focusing on value-driven pricing and sharing the risk with its clients, iakoe has created a model that is both trustworthy and accountable. With a range of services tailored to help businesses scale and optimise their eCommerce businesses, iakoe is poised for success. To learn more, visit their website or connect with them on social media.

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