Startup Showcase: Innovate Live – Revolutionising the Broadcast and Events Industry

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Innovate Live is an innovative startup based in Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames, that provides customized solutions for broadcasting and events. The company believes in the power of creativity and technology and strives to deliver a unique and immersive audience experience. Their Virtual Audience platform is designed to provide entertainment enthusiasts with an interactive and engaging experience from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Audience – Innovate Live’s Groundbreaking Platform

Virtual Audience is Innovate Live’s cutting-edge platform that is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. With the help of Virtual Audience, broadcasting companies and event organizers can deliver a premium experience to their audiences. The platform offers an immersive entertainment experience with virtual live events, interactive activations, and more.

Virtual Audience provides features such as live voting, trivia, and Q&A sessions, making it an engaging and interactive platform for the audience. It also has a customizable virtual set with unlimited branding and sponsorship opportunities, allowing broadcasters and organizers to monetize their content effectively.

Innovative Solutions for Clients’ Needs

Innovate Live’s team comprises young and forward-thinking innovators who specialize in finding cutting-edge solutions. Their aim is to provide creative and exciting solutions that meet their clients’ needs. Whether it’s virtual audiences or interactive activations, Innovate Live’s team can help their clients achieve their goals.

The startup has worked with big brands like Formula E, UEFA, and the NFL, delivering customized solutions that have enabled them to reach a broader audience. Innovate Live’s expertise in technology allows them to offer innovative solutions for the broadcast, media, and events industries.

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Innovate Live is changing the entertainment industry with its Virtual Audience platform that offers an immersive experience to audiences. With their team of creative and innovative thinkers, they are providing bespoke solutions for broadcasting and events. The startup has already made a name for itself by working with big brands, and we can only expect more exciting things from them in the future.


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