Startup Showcase: Itoma Lux – Enabling Property Development with Finance, Marketing, and Sales Solutions

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As the property development industry grows, so does the need for financing, marketing, and sales solutions. Itoma Lux, a UK-based startup, has stepped in to fulfill this need. This Startup Showcase takes a closer look at how Itoma Lux is enabling property developers with financing, marketing, and sales solutions to de-risk and increase the chances of commercial success.


One of the biggest challenges property developers face is lack of financing. To tackle this, Itoma Lux facilitates international Property Development Financing at competitive rates for experienced Property Developers starting from $5M in Africa and from $2M in the rest of the world through their lender network. Itoma Lux helps property developers with financing to get their projects off the ground.

De-risk and increase chances of commercial success with MARKETING and SALES solutions

Once the financing is secured, the next challenge is to ensure that the project becomes commercially successful. Itoma Lux helps property developers achieve commercial success by building luxury property brands using their global property technology, combined with targeted PR, marketing, and advertising for off-plan (pre-sales) and on-plan property sales. With remote, global, and Covid-proof solutions, Itoma Lux brings value to the property developers.


Itoma Lux sources internationally, promotes, and offers deals with guaranteed rental yield and good payment plans while helping property developers reach international customers and Non-Resident diaspora as their niche. They help property developers close deals and ensure their projects are a commercial success.

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Itoma Lux is active in the community and organizes events to promote Property Technology & Property Deals for various stakeholders in the Property value chain. They have organized multiple events benefitting the property industry and beyond since the start of the pandemic. They actively build their Property community.


Itoma Lux uses a process and technology-driven business model to solve the challenges faced by property developers. Their solutions are cutting-edge and use the latest technology to ensure that their clients get the best service possible.


Property development is a highly lucrative industry that requires the right financing, marketing, and sales solutions to succeed. With Itoma Lux, property developers can get the financing they need, and de-risk their projects with marketing and sales solutions to increase their chances of commercial success.





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