Startup Showcase: Lasso Industries’ ReCircle – Revolutionizes Domestic Recycling

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Are you tired of not being sure what to do with your plastic waste? Are you frustrated with the unreliability of local recycling programs? ReCircle might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Lasso Industries’ ReCircle has developed a closed-loop domestic recycling appliance that takes care of all your recycling needs. Instead of simply separating and collecting your recyclable materials, ReCircle’s technology sorts, washes, and grinds different plastics, glass, and metal into pure materials, ready to be sold back to the manufacturer to be recreated into their original form.

A Cleantech Startup to Look Out For

With the vast amount of waste produced by individuals and companies, it’s vital to find sustainable and effective ways to manage materials. That’s where Lasso Industries comes in. The company’s mission is to transform the current throwaway culture into a closed-loop ecosystem, where used materials are circulated back into production to protect the Earth’s limited resources.

How it Works

The ReCircle appliance’s premise is simple but effective. Once your waste is deposited into the machine, it automatically sorts different materials using artificial intelligence and robotics, ready to be ground down into their pure form. This process removes impurities commonly present in recycled materials, providing manufacturers with high-quality raw materials at a lower cost than new materials.

A Multi-Sided Business Model

ReCircle’s revolutionary product has the potential to change how we consume and recycle, which translates to exciting business opportunities. The company’s revenue streams come from two sources: the first, B2C, comes from royalties from sales of the ReCircle appliance, while the second, B2B, is obtained by selling the closed-loop products (ReProduct) back to manufacturers.

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Join the Sustainable Revolution

In today’s world, sustainability is more important than ever. Lasso Industries’ ReCircle is helping consumers and businesses improve their ecological footprint, while enjoying the convenience of easy and reliable recycling. Join the sustainable revolution and make a real difference – one recycled piece of waste at a time.




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