Startup Showcase: Lazarus Care – Revolutionizing Ostomy Care

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Are you tired of hearing about startups that boast about their product’s high-tech capabilities but fail to provide real solutions for everyday issues? Lazarus Care is the medtech company that is bringing a refreshing change to the healthcare industry. With their ostomy care devices, services, and solutions, Lazarus Care is making a positive impact on the lives of ostomates and their caregivers. In this startup showcase, we will explore Lazarus Care’s mission, products, and future plans.

Delivering Dignity and Quality of Life for Ostomates

Lazarus Care defines itself as a patient-focused, innovation-driven team that designs and develops products and services to address some of the most pressing Quality of Life challenges that patients with long-term ailments face. The company’s ethos is centered on patients’ dignity and improving their quality of life, something that is overlooked by most healthcare providers.

The Life of an Ostomate

Ostomates are people who have undergone surgery involving the creation of an opening (stoma) on their abdomen, which allows for the removal of waste. Living with a stoma and an ostomy bag can be challenging and overwhelming, and navigating day-to-day activities can be a daunting task. With a clear understanding of the life of an ostomate, the Lazarus Ostomy Device was designed and developed by an ostomate. The uniqueness of the Lazarus Ostomy Device design is one that reflects the needs, concerns, and lifestyle choices ostomates have to make on a daily basis.

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Lazarus Ostomy Device – Redefining Ostomy Care

The Lazarus Ostomy Device is a user-friendly, discreet, and comfortable device that improves the daily lives of ostomates significantly. Unlike traditional ostomy bags, the Lazarus Ostomy Device features an intuitive attaching mechanism that fits securely and discreetly on the patient’s body. The device’s innovative design reduces the incidence of skin irritation while also minimizing leakage and minimizing odor. With its sleek, low-profile design, ostomates can wear the Lazarus Ostomy Device with confidence and without compromising on their lifestyle choices.

Making a Real Difference in Healthcare

Lazarus Care is a brilliant example of a well-intentioned startup that is making a real difference in healthcare by improving the lives of ostomates. The company is at the forefront of ostomy care innovation and is committed to delivering superior devices and services to meet the unique needs of ostomates. The Lazarus Care team is poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry and the lives of millions worldwide.


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