Startup Showcase: Living Room Health – Providing Affordable, Accessible Healthcare Solutions

Living Room Health is revolutionizing the way people access healthcare by providing quick, convenient, and affordable options for diagnostic, pain relief, and preventative medicine services.

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Living Room Health is a start-up that is transforming the UK healthcare sector by offering accessible and affordable healthcare services to modern consumers. The company provides pay-as-you-go access to diagnostic services, pain relief, and preventative medicine treatments with the help of leading healthcare practitioners.

In-Clinic Diagnostic Solutions

Living Room Health provides top-notch diagnostic services such as MRI scans, ultrasound, blood tests, and pain injections that are available at their high-street clinics. Through these services, the company aims to give consumers peace of mind by providing quick access to diagnostic services that can help identify conditions and allow for prompt treatment. With the pandemic, access to such services has become difficult through the NHS, but Living Room Health has stepped up to fill the gap.

Innovative Health Solutions Rethinking Healthcare

What makes Living Room Health unique is their strategic approach to taking the diagnostic data and offering patients alternative forms of care to avoid invasive surgery or heavy reliance on pharmaceuticals. At The Regenerative Clinic, Living Room Health’s sister company, patients suffering from Musculoskeletal pain were given access to non-surgical alternatives such as adipose derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Living Room Health seeks to carry this innovative approach across their clinics providing affordable and real results.

Accessible Preventative Treatment

Living Room Health is also focused on providing preventative care to modern consumers. In addition to diagnostics and pain relief, the company offers treatments that improve wellness outcomes, such as IV vitamin infusions, IV hydration regimes, and nutritional support. These options make it possible for people to take control of their health and maintain their wellbeing with a multifaceted approach.

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Living Room Health is a startup with an impressive track record in the healthcare sector, providing innovative solutions to common healthcare challenges. The company’s services are accessible, affordable, and convenient, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take control of their health. Living Room Health, now operates in London and is well poised to improve healthcare for the better, one patient at a time.


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