Startup Showcase: Lyn Health – Innovating Healthcare Services in Lynton

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For a start-up to be successful, it needs to cover an aspect that has not been explored before, and Lyn Health is one of the pioneers in the healthcare space, especially in the Lynton area of Devon. With its commendable services, Lyn Health has gained prominence in the community as a reliable one-stop destination for all types of medication management, behavioral health care, administrative, and social and community support services. The health industry has become a significant concern globally, and powered by cutting-edge technology, Lyn Health is rising to the challenge and improving health outcomes in the region.

Medication Management: Ensuring You Get Your Medicines Right on Time

Lyn Health tackles the complicated task of managing medication schedules, ensuring patients take their prescriptions on time to achieve the anticipated outcome. The startup sends reminders through various channels, including mobile apps, to remind patients to take their medicines when they should. Apart from that, the software Lyn Health utilizes also tracks medicine supply, supplies refill as required and coordinates with the patients’ physicians in case there is needed for a prescribed medication change. This extensive management of medication is one way Lyn Health is making sure patients’ health is a top priority.

Behavioral Health Care: Offering Solutions for Patients’ Mental Health Wellness

Mental health is an aspect of healthcare that has been shamefully undermined over the years. Lyn Health aims to address this by providing behavioral health solutions through the help of experienced professionals in the industry. The healthcare provider has a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed social workers, offering patients customized treatments catering to their mental and emotional well-being. The team provides various therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, group sessions, and individual counselling targeting various conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and addiction.

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Social & Community Support Services: Making Sure You Have the Support You Need

Lyn Health invests in community support services to help its patients in different recovery stages get back to normality, where they get support even when they leave the hospital. They do this by researching the patients’ social context and become familiar with their social habits and lifestyle before creating and embarking on a treatment plan. This service helps provide social support that enables patients to adjust better with ongoing challenges during and even after recovery.


Lyn Health is a groundbreaking healthcare startup dedicated to giving patients access to high-quality healthcare services in Lynton and beyond. It offers patients easy and affordable access to healthcare services, including medication management, behavioral health care, administrative, and social and community support services. Lyn Health is committed to providing innovative and tailored patient-focused care. At Lyn Health, patients are at the forefront of everything they do, which is why they pay careful attention to every detail of the patient’s health journey. Their cutting-edge technology, alongside experienced professionals, makes them a reliable healthcare partner for the Lynton community.





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