Startup Showcase: MiiCare – Revolutionising Care with AI-Powered Digital Health Coaching

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If you’re looking for a company that’s disrupting traditional care provision, then you need to hear about MiiCare. This Startup Showcase highlights how MiiCare is shaking up the healthcare industry with its AI-powered digital health coach for older adults.

Empowering Independence – MiiCare’s Digital Health Companion

MiiCare offers a digital health coach and companion, known as ‘Monica’, to empower older adults in taking control of their personal health and wellness needs. This not only offers a level of independence but also peace of mind for both loved ones and healthcare providers. Thanks to Monica, older adults can get daily insights into their health and even share vitals with their healthcare providers. The digital companion acts as a friendly reminder to take medications, stay active, and even helps decrease feelings of loneliness by providing entertainment.

Non-Intrusive Smart Homes – Capturing Daily Activities and Body Vitals

Another key aspect of MiiCare’s approach is the use of non-intrusive smart homes. Through the use of IoT sensors and telehealth devices, MiiCare captures daily activity and vitals data, providing caregivers with insights into an older adult’s health. This can help prioritize care needs and give a better understanding of overall health. What’s more, the use of non-intrusive technology ensures that older adults feel comfortable in their own homes, maintaining their independence as much as possible.

AI-Powered Insights – Early Detection of Illness

MiiCare’s approach to care provides the use of AI to build behavioural models. Alerts are issued to loved ones and caregivers when abnormalities are detected, and early detection of illnesses enables caregivers and healthcare providers to take proactive measures. Such insights are critical in maintaining the wellbeing of older adults and to manage chronic conditions effectively.

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Revolutionising Healthcare, One Step at a Time

MiiCare has set out to change the way care is provided, and it’s evident they’re making a huge impact. From promoting healthy behaviours to using AI for early detection of illnesses, there’s no doubt MiiCare will continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry for years to come.


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