Startup Showcase: Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd – Revolutionizing the World of Plastic Injection Mould / Mold Tools

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Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd is a UK-based startup that caters to the technical tooling needs of the world’s leading manufacturers in the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, caps and closures, packaging, and automotive sectors. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd’s core strength lies in delivering high-precision mold tools to meet demanding technical applications. Their commitment to quality and excellence is what sets them apart from other players in the market.

What Makes Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd Unique?

At Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd, their holistic approach towards the tooling process is what sets them apart. They offer a range of technology-driven solutions, such as multi-component, gas injection, and in-mold labeling, to add value to their customers’ products. Additionally, their experience in high-speed, high-cavitation, and stack mold technology ensures maximum productivity. With a modern facility based in Newton Aycliffe in the North East of the UK, they offer everything from CAD/CAM Engineering & In-House Design through to Mould Polishing, Assembly & In-House Validation all under one roof.

In-House Injection Molding & Tool Validation

Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd is not just a high-precision toolmaker; they offer in-house injection molding and validation from 100 to 450 tonnes. Their ability to handle everything from small pilot tools to large complex suites of tools is what sets them apart. They have a 50,000 sq. ft. modern facility employing the latest technology and offering cost-effective tooling solutions to their clients. This seamless integration between tooling, injection molding, and tool validation provides their clients with a hassle-free, reliable, and complete service.

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The Future of Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd

Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative solutions is what keeps them ahead of the curve. Their focus on superior-quality plastic injection mold tools, coupled with their in-house injection molding capabilities, makes them an unparalleled provider of technical tooling solutions. Their plans for the future involve expanding their service offerings whilst remaining true to their core values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd is a startup that has revolutionized the world of plastic injection molding tools. Their passion for fulfilling their clients’ needs, coupled with their superior-quality technical tooling solutions, has placed them in a league of their own. Their seamless integration between tooling, injection molding, and tool validation provides a hassle-free, reliable, and complete service. To learn more about Mold Systems (Europe) Ltd, visit their website and socials below.


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