Startup Showcase: Moorgate Benchmarks – Bridging the Gap in Index Creation

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Are you looking for investment opportunities that deliver true choice to all investors? Look no further than Moorgate Benchmarks, the London-based index company challenging an industry ripe for disruption. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore the mission and services of Moorgate Benchmarks, a company founded in 2018 by Gareth Parker and Tobias Sproehnle.

Understanding the Mission of Moorgate Benchmarks

Moorgate Benchmarks’ mission is to enable index providers and product issuers to create new products that deliver true choice to all investors. Many index companies operate under a model that limits choice for investors, funneling them towards particular products with a narrow focus. Moorgate Benchmarks aims to change this by designing indices that are more flexible and customizable.

Their approach is unique in the industry, as they aim to provide a platform for a variety of index products, ranging from the more traditional equity-based indices to multi-asset and ESG- focused products. This allows for a broader scope of investment and provides clients with the opportunity to create bespoke investment products that satisfy their needs.

Streamlined Operations and Governance Systems

Moorgate Benchmarks’ commitment to providing unrivaled index creation services extends beyond product development. Drawing on cutting-edge technology, the firm streamlines operations and implements best practice governance systems to meet EU Benchmarks Regulation.

They provide a fully transparent, compliant, and robust platform to allow clients to design and create indices that meet regulatory standards. The company uses a proprietary technology platform that simplifies the management and calculation of indices. This innovative platform leverages API integrations, machine learning algorithms, and analytics tools to streamline the data handling process and optimize the creation of new products.

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Empowering Innovation Through Independence

Moorgate Benchmarks is an independent, employee-owned company with one minority shareholder, ETFS Capital. Their independence allows the firm to focus on delivering the best product possible to clients without the restriction of being tied to any particular investment house or financial institution.

Their ability to work with clients on a one-to-one basis and provide bespoke index solutions is where Moorgate Benchmarks shines. This innovative approach allows clients to create specific risk profiles and customized benchmarks that cater to their unique set of assets and liabilities.


If you’re looking for an index company that offers a more flexible and customizable approach to investing, Moorgate Benchmarks is the company to choose. Through their innovative approach to index creation, the company is bridging the gap in investment opportunities, allowing for more bespoke and tailored investment products catering to individual investment needs.

Moorgate Benchmarks’ commitment to transparency and regulation ensures that all products are fully compliant and meet regulatory requirements. Their drive for innovation and adaptability continues to challenge an industry that has a long way to go in meeting the needs of investors.


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