Startup Showcase: MYNDUP – Live 1-1 Virtual Mental Health Sessions for Personalized Support

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With mental health being more vital than ever, it’s essential to have access to personalized support. MYNDUP, a leading mental health startup, has strived to offer just that through virtual 1-1 live sessions. Their mission is to end the one size fits all approach used to combat mental health issues. In this showcase, we’ll dive deeper into what MYNDUP offers, who they’re helping, and what sets them apart.

What’s MYNDUP and What’s their Approach?

MYNDUP offers a platform for people to connect with professionals in the mental health spectrum, such as therapists, counselors, life coaches, and mindfulness coaches. Through their virtual 1-1 live sessions, they provide personalized support that users appreciate.

MYNDUP’s unique approach to mental health is its primary selling point. They strive to understand individuals, including their mental health history, current state, and overall personalities, so they can find the best fit for them. They also offer training to all their professionals, ensuring that they’re on the same page with their approach.

MYNDUP offers different packages, including one-time sessions and monthly memberships. Their pricing is competitive while providing value through their personalized approach to mental health.

Who are They Helping?

MYNDUP has serviced over 50,000 employees across 30+ countries on four continents, working alongside organizations such as Dentons, Savills, Premier Miton Investors and more. Their platform is accessible on desktop and mobile, making it convenient for people who prefer virtual interactions.

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MYNDUP’s offering of free sessions to NHS workers in partnership with the charitable foundation of private equity firm CVC is a fantastic example of how accessible MYNDUP aims to make mental health support for everyone.

What Sets MYNDUP Apart?

MYNDUP’s unique approach sets it apart, but they don’t stop there. Their aim is not just to address mental health issues but to prevent them as well. They provide their members with recommendations for self-care, including helpful articles and reflective exercises.

MYNDUP’s awards and recognition in the press speak volumes about the quality and effectiveness of their platform. Their reviews reflect that, with users rating their overall experience at 4.8 out of 5. They’ve also received a range of awards, including the Tech Nation Rising Stars 2022, CVC Young Innovator Awards 2020, and the Barclays Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2021. They were also featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Yahoo News, The Independent and more.


MYNDUP’s groundbreaking approach to personalized support for mental health has set it apart from its competition. They’ve been recognized for their efforts and continue to gain traction through their platform. Their mission to end the one size fits all approach to mental health is a refreshing change of pace that’s needed in today’s world.

If you’re looking for professional support to combat mental health issues or just want to stay ahead of them, check out MYNDUP’s platform. You can find more information on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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