Startup Showcase: Net AI Tech Revolutionizes Mobile Network Analytics with AI-Driven Insights

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, mobile network traffic continues to surge. To handle this demand, Net AI has developed a unique solution that leverages AI to provide real-time analytics, optimizing virtualized mobile networks. In this Startup Showcase, we dive into what sets Net AI apart and explore the ways in which their technology can improve mobile network management.

Revolutionizing Network Intelligence with AI Analytics

The amount of mobile data traffic has exploded in recent years, with even more growth expected with the advent of 5G networks. As such, enhanced flexibility in managing infrastructure is required to accommodate growing performance requirements. By using AI to decompose traffic, Net AI delivers deep insights into network utilization and enables network slicing to customize resources on a per-service basis, opening up new revenue streams.

Using AI to Collect Data in the Cloud

Traditionally, data collection has relied on expensive location-based probes. Net AI’s platform, on the other hand, leverages a cloud-native approach that acts as a virtual probe by decomposing traffic in real-time with AI utilizing the Microscope software. Microscope identifies and quantifies individual streams from aggregate data, providing insights into specific sources like Facebook or Google Cloud services, even down to individual base stations. By allowing data to be collected in the cloud, Microscope offers a scalable and cost-effective approach to managing mobile network traffic.

Effective Deep Learning Models

One of the key benefits of the Microscope software is its effectiveness in operating on large-scale mobile traffic in real-time. This can only be accomplished through the use of deep learning models, which enable automation and accelerate the decision-making process. By incorporating deep learning into their platform, Net AI delivers more accurate insights in less time. Moreover, the company’s research has demonstrated the efficacy of AI-driven analytics in providing actionable insights into network performance.

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Linking the Future of Network Management with Net AI

At its core, Net AI is providing a much-needed solution for managing complex mobile networks. Through their AI-driven platform, they offer a scalable, cost-effective and effective approach to managing traffic as volumes continue to increase. Whether operators and telecom networks use their solution to drive optimization, provide new service opportunities or gain valuable insights into network utilization, Net AI is positioned to be at the forefront of the future of network management.




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