Startup Showcase: OCXEE – Making Life Hassle-Free for International Students

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International students who leave their home country to pursue their education in a foreign country face a lot of difficulties. These include finding accommodation, arranging transportation, obtaining local SIM cards, managing finances, and more. However, London-based startup OCXEE aims to make this transition easier for international students by providing a comprehensive range of services that cater to all their needs.

Introducing OCXEE

OCXEE is a world-leading marketplace that provides services to international students who wish to study abroad. Their services include accommodation, furniture rentals, money exchange, local SIM cards, and much more. The company’s goal is to help foreign students settle into a new country and make their stay hassle-free.

The Core Strengths and Major Benefits of Using OCXEE

Round-the-clock support service for students

OCXEE provides 24/7 support to international students. This means that students can contact them at any time and from anywhere in the world for any assistance they require.

Expert service-providers on-board from around the world

OCXEE has a team of experts from various fields who provide services to international students. These experts are experienced in their respective fields and offer the best services to students.

Robust platform with interactive features for students

OCXEE has a robust platform that provides interactive features to students. Students can easily navigate through the website and access the services they require. Additionally, OCXEE has a mobile app available on IOS and Android Play Store, making it easier for students to connect with them and avail of their services.

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Offering Our Helping Hand to Students Globally

OCXEE was founded with the aim of providing assistance to international students who face difficulties while studying abroad. The company has a worldwide presence and provides one-stop solutions to students. With a skilled and diverse team hand-picked from across the globe, OCXEE is capable of meeting students’ needs and providing round-the-clock support.

Creating the Largest Marketplace for Students Globally

OCXEE aims to create the largest marketplace for students globally, a one-stop-shop where all their requirements can be met. In less than three years since its founding, OCXEE has extended its services to more than 11,000 students across 100+ countries.

Join Hands with OCXEE to Make Life Hassle-free for Students

OCXEE is a reliable and reputed startup that provides comprehensive services to international students. The company’s goal is to make the transition of moving from a student’s home country to a foreign place easy and simple. Students can rely on OCXEE to take care of all their needs, allowing them to focus on their studies.

If you are an international student planning to study abroad, visit OCXEE’s website to learn more about their services and how they can help you. Join hands with OCXEE to make your life hassle-free and to ensure that you have a smooth transition to studying abroad.





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