Startup Showcase: OrchTel Offers AI-Powered Regulatory Intelligence for Life Sciences

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OrchTel is a London-based startup that aims to provide life science companies with access to high-quality industry data and solve regulatory challenges efficiently with actionable insights. By equipping companies with a regulatory intelligence platform that helps them track their compliance landscape and focus on their medical advancements, OrchTel is revolutionizing the way the life science industry operates.

Advanced Cloud-Based Regulatory Intelligence Platform

At OrchTel, the team is building the most advanced cloud-based regulatory intelligence platform to enable life science companies to push their innovation efforts with high-quality data from thousands of reliable resources in multiple languages. The platform is designed to monitor over 1,000 publishers in almost 90 countries to grow and maintain a global database of over 150,000 documents for life sciences. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to do the heavy lifting for you.

Expert Dossiers for Compliance

OrchTel’s on-demand expert dossiers are created and maintained by their extensive network of local industry experts to help companies implement and remediate all aspects of compliance quickly and effectively. With the platform’s comprehensive data and expert insights, life science companies can easily navigate constantly evolving regulations and remain compliant while advancing their medical innovations.

Revolutionizing the Life Science Industry

OrchTel possesses the unique combination of technology, data, and industry expertise to deliver AI-powered regulatory intelligence and insights required for more resilient business operations. Through its innovative platform, OrchTel is revolutionizing the life science industry by providing companies with valuable insights and resources that improve efficiency and drive innovation.

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By enabling life science companies to focus on their core mission of saving lives with medical advancements, OrchTel is making a significant impact on society as a whole. As businesses can obtain better regulatory intelligence more efficiently, the industry as a whole can operate more efficiently, creating a win-win situation for everyone.


OrchTel is quickly transforming the life sciences industry with its cutting-edge regulatory intelligence platform. By providing top-quality data and expert insights, life science companies can focus on what they do best while remaining compliant with ever-changing regulations. OrchTel’s commitment to innovative technology and industry expertise has positioned it as a leading startup in the life sciences industry.





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