Startup Showcase: PCL Health – Revolutionizing healthcare with proactive solutions

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As healthcare takes a reactive approach, PCL Health is on a mission to bring preventive healthcare to the forefront of our lives. This London-based start-up utilizes a connected care platform with IoTs, mobile apps, and online clinician dashboards to monitor critical vitals, enabling early detection of health issues that could prove fatal. The future is here, and PCL Health is leading the way.

Monitoring made easy with PCL Health

Gone are the days when elderly patients would have to visit their doctors or hospitals regularly. With PCL Health’s ecosystem – an iOS & Android App, online platform, IoTs, wearables, and AI-enabled algorithms – seniors can now monitor critical vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level from the comfort of their homes.

Two-minute vitals check that could save lives

PCL Health’s FDA-approved multi-sensor tool empowers carers or family relatives to measure critical vitals of their elderly within 2 minutes with medical-grade accuracy, enabling the sharing of critical information with doctors and other relevant stakeholders, making health closer than ever before.

Empowering seniors’ to live independently

PCL Health’s ecosystem allows seniors to live independently, knowing that they have a safety net to take care of their health needs. The app helps seniors track their daily activities and vitals, ensuring early detection of health issues – which, when addressed early, could save lives, time, and money.

Saving lives with early detection

The best way to prevent a health emergency is to detect the early signs of deterioration before it gets out of hand, and PCL Health does just that. With their AI-enabled algorithm, medical experts can identify early signs of deterioration, helping them intervene earlier and save lives, time, and money.

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In today’s tech-driven world, it’s no surprise that healthcare is following suit. PCL Health is bringing healthcare into our homes, empowering seniors to be independent while reassuring their carers and their medical team that they have better preventive measures in place. PCL Health represents the future of healthcare, where proactive solutions are emphasized, and where technology is utilized to enhance the quality of life.





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