Startup Showcase: Pedal – All Your Car Needs, in Just One App

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Are you tired of managing your car needs through multiple apps and services? Do you wish there was an easier way to access all the necessary motoring services in one place? Look no further than Pedal – the SaaS mobile app that offers payments, parking, parts, fuel, location-based services, fleet management, lease hire, and insurance, all in one app.

Your Car. Your Way.

Pedal is a next-gen ecosystem for connected vehicles and car ownership, offering both consumer and business solutions. With Pedal, you can expect innovation, privacy, flexibility, security, and convenience from the app that helps manage your car. Pedal is packed with customizable security reminders, maintenance monitoring, telemetry, and in-car services, making it the ultimate personalized driving experience.

A Solution for Every Driver

Whether you are a conscientious family driver or a pleasure driver and car enthusiast, Pedal has you covered. For the family driver, Pedal offers maintenance services, reminders, a COVID-19 hotspot tracker, and emergency and roadside assistance services. For the pleasure driver, Pedal delivers ultra-personalized smart technology, including voice services, car health and battery monitors, car history data, odometer checks, a low-price fuel finder, car valuations, as well as safety and performance scores.

Installation is Simple and Easy

Installing Pedal is simple and easy. You can purchase the Pedal® Connect sensor unit via the online store and register your vehicle via your phone, laptop, or tablet. Once the sensor unit has been delivered to you, locate your vehicle’s OBD-II port, plug in your Pedal® sensor, and access your Pedal® driver dashboard on your app.

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The Pedal Difference

With Pedal, you can experience peace of mind, brought about by the safety and efficiency of your own car and those of your loved ones. The app is designed to reduce the worry, wondering, hassle, stress, and potential safety challenges of driving every day. It’s your car, your way, and Pedal makes sure it stays that way.

About Pedal

PEDAL® is a connected vehicle company based in Covent Garden, London, that offers innovative solutions for car owners. The team obsesses about creating beautiful and well-engineered products and services that make a real difference in people’s modern-day lives. Its members are big on ideas, low on ego, and love working together.

If you want an easier way to manage your car needs, try Pedal today. With all your car needs in just one app, Pedal makes driving easier and more efficient than ever.





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