Startup Showcase: Pictium – Captivate Your Sporting Moments

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Are you tired of losing your cherished sports moments within your camera roll or scattered across various platforms? Do you wish to have the chance to experience sports from multiple viewpoints? Look no further than Pictium, the revolutionary sports app that has everything you need to experience, relive and share your favourite sports moments like never before.

Revolutionising the Way We Experience Sports

Pictium is an iOS & Android application that will transform the way sports fans, teams, clubs and corporations communicate and experience sports. The app provides a dedicated space for sports content from around the globe to be stored and viewed. With the Pictium App, the spectator is placed in the fans’ seat. Sports fans can watch their favourite sports highlights and experience them from multiple viewpoints, whether it is from within the stadium or at the course, court or track.

Multiple Ways to Share Your Moments

Pictium provides sports fans with a unique and easily accessible platform to capture and share their favourite sports moments in a variety of ways. Pictium allows fans to tag their favourite teams, players and locations, making it easy to search for specific moments in one location. Fans can also use the hashtag feature, making it easy for other fans to see their content. With Pictium’s integrated ‘Virtual Reality’ feature, fans can step into their own content or others. Shareable moments that can be shared with friends or used to promote brand awareness.

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Exclusive Area for Verified Users

Sports-related businesses, high profile individuals and content creators have access to an exclusive area within the Pictium App where only verified accounts can publish content. This gives them a rare opportunity to interact directly with their fans, followers and customers, while providing exclusive updates and content. Verified user posting eliminates fake news and fake accounts, giving fans the chance to explore and experience genuine high-quality sports content from their favorite sources.


Pictium is the go-to app for sports fans who want to capture and share their most memorable moments without the risk of losing it within their camera roll, scattered across different platforms or lost in time. Sign up to Pictium now and experience sports from a whole new perspective.




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