Startup Showcase: Platinum Informatics – Transforming the Future of Life Sciences

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As technology continues to advance and reshape different industries, the life sciences sector is no exception. With an increased need for innovative and efficient laboratory informatics solutions, Platinum Informatics has stepped up to the challenge of transforming the future of life sciences. This startup showcase takes an in-depth look at Platinum Informatics, a Life Sciences Informatics company with a vision of bringing the digital lab of the future to the research labs of today.

Introducing Platinum Informatics

Platinum Informatics is a startup specializing in cloud-based laboratory informatics tools designed to make research more efficient and effective. Co-founded by Angus Lamond and Rob Kent, the company is based in Dundee, Scotland, and was established in the Laboratory for Quantitative Proteomics at the University of Dundee School of Life Sciences. Professor Lamond is a world-leading biochemist specializing in quantitative proteomics, while Mr. Kent is a scientific software developer.

Their product is a combination of Laboratory Information Management and an Electronic Lab Notebook with Big Data Analytics. This trio of features enables scientists to manage their experiments, data, and workflows more efficiently. Platinum Informatics’ lab informatics tools enable process optimization, remote working, improved regulatory compliance, and enhanced data quality. The company’s focus is on the application of its products to early-stage drug, vaccine, and biomarker discovery in the growing area of precision medicine.

Transforming Scientific Experimentation

Platinum Informatics is on a mission to transform scientific experimentation by bringing the digital laboratory of the future to the research laboratories of today. With its innovative laboratory informatics solutions, the company focuses on empowering researchers to work more efficiently while enabling them to perform their experiments remotely. Their products help to overcome the challenges faced in scientific research today such as data management, workflow optimization, and improving data quality.

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The company’s unique approach to lab informatics has a significant impact on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. By offering a digital collaboration platform for Life Sciences, it facilitates the discovery of new treatments, vaccines and biomarkers, enabling faster time to market for products used by clinicians. This enhanced ability to manage vast amounts of data and organizing it has enabled researchers from Universities to have better tools to work with and to be competitive when applying for grants.

Innovation at the heart of Platinum

Innovation is at the heart of Platinum Informatics. The company is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with lab informatics, enabling their customers to perform research smarter and more efficiently. Their latest suite of tools includes powerful software designed to meet specific research needs. One of which is their powerful Chromatography Data Software called ‘Chameleon’, which removes the limitations of the proprietary software provided with Mass Spectrometers. Chameleon is able to process data from multiple instruments of the same manufacturer, providing scientists with the flexibility to work with multiple manufacturers’ data on a single platform.

The company continues to make strides towards transforming the future of life sciences, they aim to provide a complete ecosystem that integrates all laboratory applications required for high-quality research. Platinum Informatics’ laboratory informatics solutions have been developed for researchers, scientists, and R&D departments looking for a more efficient and secure data management system.


Platinum Informatics is indeed a game-changer in the Life Sciences sector, and their cloud-based laboratory informatics tools define the standard for efficiency and effectiveness. They are offering a new approach to lab informatics, enabling researchers to work more collaboratively, efficiently and securely. We believe that Platinum Informatics’ success is substantially due to its partnership between a world-renowned academic and a software developer in a startup setting. Their approach to lab informatics has the potential to reshape the way research is performed in Life Sciences, promoting innovation and producing better, more impactful results. Keep an eye on them.

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