Startup Showcase: Podium – A Digital Hub for Action Sports Enthusiasts

Connecting the Freestyle Community through a Revolutionary IoT Device and App.

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Podium is breaking new ground in the world of action sports by uniting the freestyle community around the globe through a unique IoT device and app. Podium aims to provide this vast community with the platform to engage with like-minded enthusiasts, challenge their rivals, and promote skill progression.

Introducing Podium IoT Device

Podium’s IoT device is designed to capture any freestyle activity and upload it to the Zone app. The device is easy to attach, lightweight, and presents no learning curve for the user.

Skill-based Challenges

Podium offers a broad range of skill-based challenges to cater to everyone’s needs – be it speed, location, endurance, or orientation. Challenges can be personalised and curated for unique experiences. With the proprietary algorithms, Podium ensures data accuracy to provide transparent competition and fair play across the board.

Rewards and Community Hook

In the Zone app, users can collate their scorecards, track their progress, celebrate their peers’ accomplishments, and earn rewards. Upon completion of tasks, users receive gamified points, unlock badges, and progress through the leaderboards to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Building Trust in Tech

Only 28% of action sports enthusiasts trust today’s technology, which includes popular apps like Strava. With Podium IoT device, users are guaranteed data privacy and integrity. Podium uses state-of-the-art encryption technology in cloud storage, ensuring data is never transmitted to third-party servers.

The Future is Bright

The sports tech industry is projected to register an unprecedented CAGR of 20% up until 2024. The industry has witnessed a paradigm shift from grassroots participation to making the most of the digital era. Podium’s digital hub for action sports enthusiasts is well-positioned to tap into this growth opportunity.

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Get on Board

Join Podium today and experience the most engaging and immersive action sports platform available. Visit the website, follow us on social media, and join the movement.


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