Startup Showcase: Presseo Industries – Revolutionizing Digital Services Marketplace

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Are you tired of dealing with unreliable service providers who don’t meet your requirements? Look no further than Presseo Industries, a London-based digital services marketplace that focuses on WordPress, SEO, and digital media. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into what sets Presseo apart from other marketplaces and how they are revolutionizing the industry.

What is Presseo?

Presseo is a digital services marketplace that offers a platform for other companies to offer their digital services. The difference is that Presseo takes responsibility for what is delivered, no matter who the service provider is. With a robust QA/QC department, Presseo ensures that all services provided to clients go through rigorous quality checks and meet the same standards that Presseo promises and delivers in its own offerings.

Taking the Frustration Out of Digital Service Procurement

One of the biggest challenges of procuring digital services is dealing with unreliable service providers. Communication issues, missed deadlines, and subpar work can quickly eat up time, energy and money. Presseo eliminates these issues by offering a reliable platform where clients are assured of a high level of quality and consistency. Clients don’t have to worry about issues relating to communication, reliability, quality, and capacity that they would otherwise have to deal with if they acquired services through other famous digital marketplaces, or freelance hiring platforms. Presseo’s platform takes care of it all while their clients sit back and enjoy the results.

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The Power of Quality Control

Presseo’s unique approach to ensuring that all their service providers are offering top-quality services is a game-changer. Their QA/QC department scrutinizes all of the work that’s submitted, ensuring that it meets the high standards that Presseo has set for itself. Service providers are only allowed to offer their services through Presseo’s platform if they meet these standards. This means that clients can expect consistent quality each time they use the platform, regardless of who the service provider is.


Presseo Industries is an exciting and innovative startup that is changing the game when it comes to digital services marketplaces. Their focus on quality assurance and reliability means that clients can finally ditch the frustration that comes with dealing with unreliable service providers. So the next time you need digital services such as WordPress development or SEO, consider Presseo – the future of digital service procurement.


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